The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 7.9.14

WT1 HLA class II-binding peptides and compositions and methods comprising same
Patent No. 8,765,687
This invention provides WT1 peptides and methods of treating, reducing the incidence of, and inducing immune responses against a WT1-expressing cancer, comprising same.
Inventors: David Scheinberg (New York, N.Y.), Javier Pinilla-Ibarz (New York, N.Y.), Rena May (Richmond, Va.)
Assignee:  Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (New York, N.Y.)
July 1, 2014

Transfer layer for absorbent article
Patent No. 8,765,250
A composite particularly suited for use as a transfer layer in an absorbent article has a first layer comprising a formed film having a plurality of capillary-sized apertured protuberances and a plurality of two-dimensional drains, and a second layer in intimate contact with an apertured end of said capillary-sized protuberances and spaced from the first layer in a z-direction, the second layer is either a three-dimensional apertured formed film or a nonwoven web. In embodiments where the second layer is a three-dimensional formed film, the film contains a plurality of capillary sized protuberances that are of smaller diameter compared to the protuberances in the first layer and optionally also contains a plurality of drains, which can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional, or combinations thereof.
Inventors: Rickey Seyler (Chesterfield, Va.), William C. Ancarrow III (Ruther Glen, Va.)
Assignee: Tredegar Film Products Corp (Richmond, Va.)
July 1, 2014

Tumor necrosis factor inhibitors
Patent No. 8,765,810
The present invention is directed to compounds that are allosteric inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor receptor I, compositions comprising such compounds, and methods of using such compounds and compositions thereof in the treatment of TNF-.alpha. mediated conditions.
Inventors: Mark Greene (Penn Valley, Penn.), Ramachandran Murali (Drexel Hill, Penn.), Xin Cheng (Wallingford, Penn.), Raphael Ottenbrite (Midlothian, Va.), Yingxin Xiaio  (North Potomac, Md.)
Assignee: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Penn.), Cephalon Inc. (Wilmington, Del.)
July 1, 2014 [private]

Breathable waterproof garment
Patent No. 8,765,255
A garment containing a breathable laminate that is optionally bonded to an outer layer fabric and an optional inner layer fabric. The breathable laminate is constructed from a microporous membrane situated in a face to face relationship with a nanoweb and optionally bonded thereto.
Inventors: Jill Conley (Midlothian, Va.), Robert Anthony Marin (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  E I du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)
July 1, 2014

Systems and methods for large-scale credit data processing
Patent No. 8,775,299
Systems and methods are provided for processing large volumes of credit-related data and other data, and generating products based on the processed data. Data received from a number of different data sources may be processed in parallel and stored in memory. Reporting rules may be defined in association with each of a number of different accounts. Products, such as credit reports, may then be generated based on one or more rule sets.
Inventors: Venkat Achanta (Richmond, Va.), Karthikeyan Reddy Aaravabhoomi  (Irvine, Calif.), Patricia Cheryl Lassen (Orange, Calif.), Timothy Sumida (Yorba Linda, Calif.)
Assignee: Experian Information Solutions Inc. (Costa Mesa, Calif.)
July 8, 2014

Non-peptidyl, potent, and selective mu opioid receptor antagonists
Patent No. 8,772,308
Selective, non-peptide antagonists of the mu opioid receptor (MOR) and methods of their use are provided. The antagonists may be used, for example, to identify MOR agonists in competitive binding assays, and to treat conditions related to addiction in which MOR is involved, e.g. heroin, prescription drug and alcohol addiction.
Inventors: Yan Zhang (Richmond, Va.), Dana Selley (Richmond, Va.), William Dewey (Richmond, Va.)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Va.)
July 8, 2014

Systems and methods for providing flexible incentive rewards
Patent No. 8,770,473
Systems and methods are disclosed for providing a financial account with incentives. In one implementation, a method is provided that includes receiving a selection of at least one identified merchant from a customer, the customer being associated with the financial account. The method also includes providing a first incentive to the financial account for one or more purchases made with the financial account at a merchant other than the identified merchant. Further, the method may include providing a second incentive to the financial account for one or more purchases made at the identified merchant with the financial account, wherein the first incentive is different than the second incentive.
Inventors: Joshua Bufford (Glen Allen, Va.), Christine Landi (Glen Allen, Va.), Jon Lintvet (Richmond, Va.)
Assignee: Capital One Financial Corp. (McLean, Va.)
July 8, 2014

Systems, methods and computer readable medium for wireless solicitations
Patent No. 8,775,253
Product offering systems are provided. Product offering systems may include sending an offer to a customer that possesses a mobile computing device and has agreed to receive offers for products via the mobile computing device. Agreeing to receive offers would result in the unique data about the customer being available to offer provider. Unique customer data may include data related to the customers wireless service provider or from a financial account in a financial institution, and collecting customer data about the customer, wherein the customer data comprises financial data and personal data. Product offering systems may further include registering a wireless computing device of the customer to able the device to receive the offer, and determining opportunities to send the offer to the customer by monitoring the customer and the customer data. Product offering systems may also include sending the offer to the customer’s registered device based on the determination of opportunities.
Inventors: Richard Comerford (Glen Allen, Va.), Joseph DeFilippo (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee:  Capital One Financial Corp (McLean, Va.)
July 8, 2014

Intermetallic magnetically readable medium
Patent No. 8,771,846
An intermetallic or iron aluminide magnetically readable medium and a method of forming and reading the same are provided herein. Also provided is an identification card or tag, a key, an anti-counterfeiting measure, an anti-forging measure. The intermetallic or iron aluminide magnetically readable medium includes a magnetically readable surface, wherein the magnetically readable surface contains one or more first magnetically readable regions of the intermetallic or iron aluminide surrounded by one or more second magnetically readable regions. Additionally, the intermetallic or iron aluminide magnetically readable medium can be coated, encapsulated or concealed within a material.
Inventors: Seetharama Deevi  (Midlothian, Va.), Kudumboor Rao (Stockholm, Sweden), Valter Strom (Stockholm, Sweden), Ziyan Gu (Kista, Sweden)
Assignee:  Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond, Va.)
July 8, 2014 [/private]

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