The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 9.3.14

Wireless device with a control engine using functional block programming

Patent No. 8,818,346
Systems and methods provide for programming a wireless device for an automation system. The system and methods include specifying commands that are to be preformed regarding function blocks that may be organized into an application on a wireless device. The function blocks may be maintained in a library by a control engine on the wireless device. The control engine receives commands related to function blocks, such as instantiating function blocks from the library or linking existing function blocks. The control application formed by the function blocks may be executed on the controller to provide an automation application.
Inventors: Brian S. Frank (Richmond, Va.)
Assignee: Tridium Inc. (Golden Valley, Minn.)
Aug. 26, 2014

Unnatural reactive amino acid genetic code additions
Patent No. 8,815,542
This invention provides compositions and methods for producing translational components that expand the number of genetically encoded amino acids in eukaryotic cells. The components include orthogonal tRNAs, orthogonal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, orthogonal pairs of tRNAs/synthetases and unnatural amino acids. Proteins and methods of producing proteins with unnatural amino acids in eukaryotic cells are also provided.
Inventors: Alexander Deiters (La Jolla, Calif.), T. Ashton Cropp (Richmond, Va.), Jason W. Chin (Cambridge, Great Britain), J. Christopher Anderson (San Francisco, Calif.), Peter G. Schultz (La Jolla, Calif.)
Assignee: The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, Calif.)
Aug. 26, 2014

Non-disruptive realignment of virtual data
Patent No. 8,819,383
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for non-disruptively addressing misalignment between a virtual data format and an underlying data format. Virtual data, such as a guest operating system of a virtual machine, may be stored within a virtual structure, such as a virtual machine disk, according to a virtual data format. The virtual structure may be stored within a storage device according to a storage data format. If misalignment is detected, then a new data container may be created within the storage device. A shim, sized according to a misalignment offset, may be inserted into the new data container in order to align the new data container with the storage device. Virtual data may be migrated from the virtual structure to the new data container to achieve alignment. During the migration, the virtual data may remain available from the virtual structure (e.g., a virtual machine may still execute).
Inventors: Varun Jobanputra (San Francisco, Calif.), Andrew Tucker (Portola Valley, Calif.), Eric Paul Forgette (Mechanicsville, Va.), Subramaniam V. Periyagaram (Santa Clara, Calif.), Mohit Gupta (San Jose, Calif.), Jose Mathew (Santa Clara, Calif.), Vishwajith Shivappa (Sunnyvale, Calif.), Sisar Shekhar (Bangalore, Ind.)
Assignee: NetApp Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.)
Aug. 26, 2014

Friction modifiers for lubricating oils
Patent No. 8,822,392
A lubricating oil comprising a major amount of a base oil and a minor amount of an additive package, and the additive package comprises at least one friction modifier selected from compounds of the formulae II, III and IV, and carboxylate salts thereof: ##STR00001## wherein R is a linear or branched, saturated, unsaturated, or partially saturated hydrocarbyl having about 8 to about 28 carbon atoms, n is 0 or 1; and the carboxylate salts have a cation that is an alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, group IIB metal, or ammonium cation. Methods of using the engine oil to improve thin film and/or boundary layer friction in an engine are also provided.
Inventors: John T. Loper (Richmond, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond, Va.)
Sept. 2, 2014

Device and method for imparting a rocking motion to an infant car seat
Patent No. 8,820,834
A device for imparting a rocking motion to a rockable object having a curved bottom surface comprises a wedge-shaped housing and a reciprocating drive mechanism. The wedge-shaped housing comprises an upper housing having an upper surface configured for contacting the curved bottom surface of the rockable object, the upper housing having a proximal end and a distal end; a lower housing having a base configured for sitting on a surface, the lower housing having a proximal end and a distal end; and a hinge portion hingedly joining the proximal ends of the upper and lower housings. The reciprocating drive mechanism alternatingly moves the distal end of the upper housing upward to an extended position and downward to a retracted position.
Inventors: Brian Stephen Harding (Midlothian, Va.), Ashley Baka Harding (Midlothian, Va.), James A. Doerr (Richmond, Va.)
Sept. 2, 2014

Process for forming an aramid copolymer
Patent No. 8,822,632
The invention concerns processes for forming a polymer comprising residues of 2-(4-amino phenyl)-5 (6) amino benzimidazole (DAPBI), paraphenylene diamine, and terephthaloyl dichloride, the process comprising: (a) forming a solution of oligomers having chloride end groups from one mole of paraphenylene diamine and 1.3 to 5 moles of terephthaloyl dichloride a solvent system comprising an organic solvent and an inorganic salt; and (b) adding DAPBI and terephthaloyl dichloride to the solution of oligomers to form a polymer.
Inventors: Kiu-Seung Lee (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)
Sept. 2, 2014


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