Downtown lawyers move to Libbie

Law firm Greene Hurlocker left its downtown view for more space on Libbie Avenue. Photo by Michael Schwartz.

Law firm GreeneHurlocker left its downtown view for more space on Libbie Avenue. Photo by Michael Schwartz.

A downtown law firm has packed up and hit the road toward Willow Lawn.

GreeneHurlocker, a law firm that has quickly grown its practice in transactions and regulatory cases for energy companies, opens for business today in its new, larger home at 1807 Libbie Ave.

The 2-year-old firm left its downtown 2,600-square-foot home on the 10th floor of the Eighth and Main building for about 4,700 square feet in the Libbie space.

Brian Greene, who cofounded the firm with Eric Hurlocker, said they need the extra room as they plan to add more attorneys and staffers.

“In the last year and half, our firm has taken off,” Greene said. “We’ve hired two associates in the past year, and we need more space.”

The firm has four full-time attorneys, one part-time attorney and one support position. Greene said its new space gives it enough leg room to add two to four more attorneys and additional staff.

Brian Greene (left) and Eric Hurlocker.

Eric Hurlocker and Brian Greene

Greene, who was previously with Christian & Barton, handles regulatory cases for energy companies like electricity and natural gas firms. Hurlocker joined Greene after leaving Williams Mullen and brought with him a practice that specializes in helping energy companies through various transactions, like a solar company looking to develop a solar farm.

Greene and Hurlocker have been downtown for most of their careers in Richmond and had some affinity to being in the thick of things on Main Street.

“It’s a little bittersweet to leave downtown,” Greene said.

He said he won’t miss having to pay nearly $100 a month per employee for downtown parking, particularly as the firm continues to add to its headcount.

But he said he will miss the view from the 10th floor office, among other things.

“That’s the kind of stuff I’ll miss about being downtown and seeing so many of your colleagues and friends when you walk out on Main Street,” he said.

The firm shares its new building with a dental office, a financial firm and other tenants. It’s one of several buildings in the Libbie Square office development.

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