Another brand joins late-night sugar rush

Another cookie company is going to start pulling all-nighters near VCU. Photos courtesy of Insomnia Cookies.

Another cookie company is going to start pulling all-nighters near VCU. Photos courtesy of Insomnia Cookie.

The giant of the late night cookie delivery market is reaching into Richmond.

Insomnia Cookie plans to open a storefront at 918 W. Grace St. near VCU in January, its 60th nationwide.

Insomnia will be the third arrival in what’s shaping up to be a heated competition for the delivery of late night sweets around the heart of VCU and in proximity of tens of thousands of hungry college students.

“For as long as we have been expanding, Richmond has been on our radar,” Insomnia Cookie spokesperson Megan Brock said in an email. “It is a great community and fits many of the criteria we look for in a potential market, the largest being an active community that we can be involved in.”

Insomnia was founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz and its offices are in New York and Philadelphia. It sells and delivers cookies, brownies, cakes – and of course, milk.

Insomnia Cookie will open at

Insomnia Cookie will open at 918 W. Grace St. Photo by Michael Thompson.

The first company to spot an opening in the Richmond market was local start-up Red Eye Cookie Co., which began late-night cookie delivery and wholesaling in the area in March.

Red Eye was followed in November by Campus Cookies, a cookie peddler with five locations in Virginia and North Carolina, with a retail and delivery shop at 935 W. Grace St. – the same block as the future Insomnia Cookie’s location.

Brock said the Grace Street location, which was previously home to Bunnyhop Bike Shop, is Insomnia’s first in Virginia. The approximately 1,500-square-foot property will function as a retail spot and do delivery until 3 a.m. every day. Insomnia sells a dozen cookie flavors, and its Chocolate Chunk cookie costs $1.35.

According to Insomnia’s website, all of its stores are corporately owned.

Brock would not say how much Insomnia will spend to launch in Richmond.

In addition to Rams pulling all-nighters, Brock said Insomnia hopes to cater to anyone with a sweet tooth. She said Insomnia’s products will set the company apart from the competition and that more locations are planned for Virginia.

“While our product speaks for itself, we as a company thrive on being a part of and giving back to our local community,” Brock said. “We do plan to continue to expand in Virginia and are working on a few opportunities.”

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