The R&D Dept.: New patents for March 25, 2015

Non-peptidyl, potent, and selective mu opioid receptor antagonists and their use in treating opioid addiction and opioid induced constipation
Patent No. 8,980,908
Selective, non-peptide antagonists of the mu opioid receptor (MOR) and methods of their use are provided. The antagonists may be used, for example, to identify MOR agonists in competitive binding assays, and to treat conditions related to addiction in which MOR is involved, e.g. heroin, prescription drug and alcohol addiction, as well as in the treatment of opioid induced constipation (OIC).
Inventors: Yan Zhang (Glen Allen, Va.), Dana E. Selley (Richmond), William Dewey (Richmond)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
March 17, 2015

Alkyl acrylate copolymer dispersants and uses thereof
Patent No. 8,980,804
A novel a polymer dispersant comprising an additive reaction product obtained by reacting a first monomer comprising a mixture of alkylacrylates of varying chain lengths with a second monomer comprising an olefinic carboxylic acylating agent under conditions effective for free radical polymerization of the first and second monomers to provide a base polymer comprising an acylated alkylacrylate copolymer, and wherein the base polymer is further reacted with a hydrocarbyl amine to provide an amine-functionalized polyalkylacrylate copolymer dispersant. The base polymer intermediate has a number average molecular weight between about 5,000 to about 50,000. The polyalkylacrylate copolymer dispersant has good dispersancy, low temperature properties, thickening efficiency, and antioxidancy properties. They also can improve fuel economy when used in engine lubricating compositions. They also are precipitation- or sedimentation-resistant, and do not cause or encourage such formations in finished fluids incorporating them.
Inventors: John T. Loper (Richmond), Naresh C. Mathur (Midlothian, Va.), Sanjay Srinivasan (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015
Chemically-modified mixed fuels, methods of production and uses thereof
Patent No. 8,980,802
A chemically-modified mixed fuel includes methane gas from at least two methane-production sources and can be utilized in any process that incorporates a Kellogg Primary Reformer. A method for producing the chemically-modified mixed fuel described herein includes providing a first methane-containing gas from a first methane-production source, providing a second methane-containing gas from a second methane-production source and blending the first methane-containing gas with the second methane-containing gas at a suitable pressure to form a chemically-modified mixed fuel. In some cases, at least one additional methane-containing gas can be provided from at least one additional methane-production source and blended with the chemically-modified fuel.
Inventors: Keith A. Togna (Chester, Va.), Craig T. Euen (Chester, Va.), Steven W. Weeks (Chesterfield, Va.), Mohammed I. Loya (Richmond), Matthew C. Warren (Richmond), Richard H. Kendrick (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)

Shaped body armor and method of making
Patent No. 8,980,773
This invention pertains to an article for use in body armor, comprising a plurality of discrete sheet subassemblies contoured to the shape of a female breast arranged in a stack, without bonding, such that the breast contours are positioned on top of each other, each of the subassemblies comprising at least two nonwoven layers of high tenacity yarns such as par-aramid, a binder and a resin.
Inventors: Minshon J. Chiou (Chesterfield, Va.), Clifford K. Deakyne (Wilmington, Del.)
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Co. (Wilmington, Del.)
March 17, 2015

Composite smokeless tobacco products, systems, and methods
Patent No. 8,978,661
A smokeless tobacco product includes smokeless tobacco and a polymeric material in intimate contact with the smokeless tobacco and stabilized in conformance to a surface topography of the tobacco’s fibrous structures such that the stabilized polymeric material secures the smokeless tobacco together. The smokeless tobacco product has a moisture-permeable porous surface and an overall oven volatiles content of at least 10 weight percent.
Inventors: Frank Scott Atchley (Midlothian, Va.), James M. Rossman (Tampa, Fla.), Munmaya K. Mishra (Manakin Sabot, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services Inc. (Richmond)
March 17, 2015

Carpet seam tape and method for joining carpet
Patent No. 8,980,042
A method for joining two carpet segments, each carpet segment having an underside and at least one edge. The method comprises abutting one edge of one carpet segment with one edge of the other carpet segment; positioning a length of seam tape under the abutting edges, and activating the adhesive to secure the seam tape to the undersides of both carpet segments. The seam tape comprises an elongated base layer that is resilient in a transverse direction and an adhesive applied to the base layer. The adhesive may comprise a hot-melt thermoplastic adhesive. The base layer may comprise a resilient textile or fabric, such as cotton denim and elastane.
Inventors: Daniel Paul Bennett (Hopewell, Va.)
No assignee available
March 17, 2015

Pre-fetching items in a virtual universe based on avatar communications
Patent No. 8,990,306
The present invention pre-fetches objects, textures and scripts (collectively referred to herein as items) through analysis of the communications of an avatar. Furthermore, if an object, texture or script is not pre-fetched upon arrival to a region the virtual universe’s object, texture and script download system is augmented to prioritize objects the user may be interested in based on the avatar’s communications and previously stated priorities. The present invention may improve user experience of virtual world by prioritizing the download and caching of objects, textures, and scripts that are likely to interest the user. Such a prioritization enhances the user experience by reducing wait times for the rendering of objects of interest.
Inventors: Rosa M. Bolger (Austin, Texas), Ann Corrao (Research Triangle Park, N.C.), Rick A. Hamilton (Richmond), Brian M. O’Connell (Research Triangle Park, N.C.), Brian J. Snitzer (West Chester, Penn.)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corp. (Armonk, N.Y.)
March 24, 2015

Trauma reduction without ballistic performance reduction
Patent No. 8,986,810
Ballistic resistant composite articles that are resistant to both backface deformation and ballistic penetration. Multiple composites are attached to each other such that fibers in each adjacent composite are oriented at different angles. Each composite has an areal density of at least about 100 g/m.sup.2 wherein the areal density of the strike face composite is greater than half of the total areal density of overall multi-composite article.
Inventors: Bradley Grunden (Midlothian, Va.), James Robert Thagard (Belmont, N.C.), Ashok Bhatnagar (Richmond)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.)
March 24, 2015

System and method for generating heat at target area of patient’s body
Patent No. 8,986,296
The embodiments herein provide a method and system for generating heat at a target area of a patient’s body for treatment of lesions, tumors, cancer cells, body pain and nerve pain. The heat generated inside a target tissue is distributed throughout the target area. The system and method provides a real time monitoring of the generated heat and the temperature of the tissue. The system comprises a radio frequency (RF) antenna/transducer for receiving the generated RF waves from the RF generator. A controller/optimizer is provided for controlling a frequency of the RF waves and a transmission timing of the RF waves. A RF absorber/distributor comprising a plurality of closed loop circuits is provided. A miniaturized thermometer is arranged inside the RF absorber is arranged close to irradiation area for measuring the temperature which is transmitted to the controller. Several needles/probes are implanted at the target location of patient’s body.
Inventors: Nazmi Peyman (Richmond)
Assignee: not identified
March 24, 2015

Multi-deck product dispensing system with rear guide
Patent No. 8,985,346
A product dispensing system including a frame structure having a front end and a rear end, the frame structure including an upper support deck extending between the front and rear ends, a lower support deck positioned below the upper support deck, the lower support deck extending between the front and rear ends and defining a first product display area, and an intermediate support deck positioned between the upper support deck and the lower support deck, the intermediate support deck extending between the front and rear ends and defining a second product display area, wherein the upper support deck and the intermediate support deck define a vertical drop zone proximate the rear end, the vertical drop zone extending from the upper support deck to the lower support deck, and a guide positioned between the upper support deck and the intermediate support deck, the guide extending into the vertical drop zone.
Inventors: William J. Bogdziewicz (Richmond), Caleb S. Loftin (Richmond), Aaron L. Bates (Moseley, Va.), Steven Burton (Richmond)
Assignee: MeadWestvaco Corp. (Richmond)
March 24, 2015

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