Julie Lee joins Sales Recruiters of Virginia

Sales Recruiters of Virginia, a Richmond based staffing company founded in 2012 focusing on salespeople, has added Fractional Sales Management to its fast growing arsenal of services.

“Many of our current clients have asked for this”, says Jeff Miller, founder and managing partner of Sales Recruiters of Virginia.

“A typical scenario centers on the CEO/Owner being frustrated trying to manage salespeople in his/her company, and can’t afford to hire a 6 figure sales manager. We can act as sales managers for an hourly fee, with no other costs occurring (benefits/expenses, mileage) and they can hire or fire us any time. My partner, Mark Deutsch, (who also owns the BNI franchise) and I recently engaged Julie Lee, an expert sales manager, to help us in this endeavor. Julie brings years and big time sales management experience to the table. She can train, motivate, and even close sales if necessary. We look forward to helping a number of Richmond based companies increase their sales revenues.”
Phone: 804.263.5961

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