The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 2.22.17

Integrated selenium removal system for waste water
Patent No. 9,567,249
The inventive process scheme and its various embodiments described herein will comprise filtering a selenium containing water by reverse osmosis or nanofiltration to produce a primary permeate stream at least meeting the water stream effluent discharge requirements of the location and a concentrate stream containing the removed selenium and other species, a RO or NF concentrate treatment specific to the case which will treat and reduce the selenium content of the concentrate, optionally in conjunction with a sulfate removal process, and result in a highly concentrated sludge or other output, and a selenium depleted aqueous overflow stream, a portion of which will be combined with the primary permeate stream so that the selenium content of the combined stream does not exceed the local requirement, and the reminder of the selenium depleted aqueous overflow stream will be returned to be combined with the selenium containing water entering the inlet of the primary reverse osmosis treatment.
Inventors:  Marek Mierzejewski (Richmond), Michael W. Wismer (Lino Lakes, Minn.), Karthikeyan Sathrugnan (Singapore)
Assignee:  Evoqua Water Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Feb. 14, 2017

Battery separator with Z-direction stability
Patent No. 9,570,727
A battery separator is a microporous membrane. The membrane has a major volume of a thermoplastic polymer and a minor volume of an inert particulate filler. The filler is dispersed throughout the polymer. The membrane exhibits a maximum Z-direction compression of 95% of the original membrane thickness. Alternatively, the battery separator is a microporous membrane having a TMA compression curve with a first substantially horizontal slope between ambient temperature and C., a second substantially horizontal slope at greater than C. The curve of the first slope has a lower % compression than the curve of the second slope. The curve of the second slope is not less than 5% compression. The TMA compression curve is graphed so that the Y-axis represents % compression from original thickness and the X-axis represents temperature.
Inventors:  Zhengming Zhang (Charlotte, N.C.), Khuy V. Nguyen (Charlotte, N.C.), Pankaj Arora (Chesterfield, Va.), Ronald W. Call (Rock Hill, S.C.), Donald K. Simmons (Fayetteville, Ga.), Dao; Tien Dao (Bensalem, Penn.)
Assignee:  Celgard (Charlotte, N.C.)
Feb. 14, 2017

Low density paper and paperboard with two-sided coating
Patent No. 9,567,709
A paper or paperboard including a cellulose substrate and a coating applied to each side of the paperboard substrate to form a coated structure, the coated structure having a basis weight, a caliper thickness and a Parker Print Surf smoothness, the Parker Print Surf smoothness being at most about 2 microns, the basis weight being less than about Y1 pounds per 3000 ft2, wherein Y1 is a function of the caliper thickness (X) in points and is calculated as follows: Y1=29.15+11.95X-0.07415X2.
Inventors: Gary P. Fugitt (Pittsboro, N.C.), Terrell J. Green (Raleigh, N.C.), Steven G. Bushhouse (Cary, N.C.), Steven Parker (Raleigh, N.C.), Jason R. Hogan (Glen Allen, Va.), Wei-Hwa Her (Beaumont, Texas), Scott E. Ginther (Willow Spring, N.C.)
Assignee:  WestRock MWV (Norcross, Ga.)
Feb. 14, 2017

Tree or plant protection mat
Patent No. 9,565,809
One embodiment provides a modular green roof tray, house plant growth media and horticulture growth media, and a tree protection mat for weed and moisture control made from recycled disposable diapers. The growth medium and tree protection mat contain superabsorbent materials from diaper that can absorb waters and greatly reduce irrigation so to provide a drought resistant feature. One embodiment also provides a manufacturing process to perform 100% recycling of disposed diapers.
Inventors:  Wei Zhang (Midlothian, Va.), Hailing Yang (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  Zynnovation (Ashland, Va.)
Feb. 14, 2017

Reducing agents for producing chlorine dioxide
Patent No. 9,567,216
Methods of producing chlorine dioxide including providing an acid, a chlorate salt and an organic water treatment additive that can form a reducing agent in situ, mixing the acid, the chlorate salt and the organic water treatment additive, and reacting the mixture.
Inventors:  Douglas McIlwaine (Ashland, Va.), John Richardson (Hanover, Va.)
Assignee:  Chemtreat Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.)
Feb. 14, 2017

Computer application maturity illustration system
Patent No. 9,575,746
An application maturity illustration system is provided. Such a system may determine a maturity of a computer application, and display same. The determination may include determining an inventory score, an operational status, a management score reflective of a ratio of an actual management value to a desired management value, a risk score and a future score for the computer application. The future score may be reflective of a projected relative importance of the computer application. The processor may operate to display a GUI that includes inventory score, operational status score, management score, risk score and the future score in a vertical column. The vertical column may be located either along the right-hand most portion of the GUI with respect to a user viewing the GUI or at the left-hand most portion of the GUI with respect to a user viewing the GUI.
Inventors:  Gandhi Goutam (Richmond)
Assignee:  Bank of America Corp. (Charlotte, N.C.)
Feb. 21, 2017

Lubricating oil composition and additive therefor having improved wear properties
Patent No. 9,574,158
A compression-ignited engine lubricant and a method for reducing engine wear. The lubricant including, (a) a base oil; (b) oleamide; (c) zinc dihydrocarbyl dithiophosphate; and (d) a functionalized dispersant. The functionalized dispersant is made by reacting together (i) a hydrocarbyl-dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, (ii) a polyamine, (iii) a dicarboxyl-containing fused aromatic compound or anhydride thereof, and optionally, (iv) a non-aromatic dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, wherein the hydrocarbyl group of the hydrocarbyl-dicarboxylic acid or anhydride has a number average molecular weight of greater than 1800 Daltons as determined by gel permeation chromatography.
Inventors:  Jason A. Lagona (Richmond), John T. Loper (Richmond)
Assignee:  Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 21, 2017

Conductivity-improving additives for fuel
Patent No. 9,574,150
A fuel additive composition, fuel comprising said additive, and methods of use thereof are provided. The fuel additive composition comprises a synergistic combination of a hydrocarbyl-substituted succinimide dispersant and a compound of the following formula: ##STR00001## and tautomers and enantiomers thereof, wherein R.sup.3 is a hydrocarbyl group having a number average molecular weight ranging from about 100 to about 5000, and wherein the weight ratio of (a) to (b) ranges from about 5:1 to about 1:5. The fuel additive composition is present in fuel in an amount sufficient to improve the conductivity properties of the fuel.
Inventors:  Joshua J. Bennett (Richmond), John Donner (Richmond), Dunchan Richardson (Reading, Great Britain)
Assignee:  Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 21, 2017

Fuel additive for improved performance of direct fuel injected engines
Patent No. 9,574,149
A fuel composition for a direct fuel injected diesel engine, a method for improving performance of fuel injectors and a method for cleaning fuel injectors for a diesel engine. The fuel composition includes a major amount of fuel and a minor, effective amount of a quaternary ammonium salt having a thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) weight loss of greater than 50 wt. % at C. The amount of quaternary ammonium salt present in the fuel is sufficient to improve performance of the direct fuel injected diesel engine having combusted the composition compared to the performance of such engine having combusted a fuel composition that does not contain the quaternary ammonium salt.
Inventors:  Xinggao Fang (Richmond), Julienne M. Galante-Fox (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 21, 2017

Electrospun nerve guides for nerve regeneration designed to modulate nerve architecture
Patent No. 9,572,909
Nerve guides which are formed from three dimensional (3D) arrays of highly aligned electrospun fibers are provided. The electrospun fibers are oriented parallel to the long axis of the guide, and gaps and elongated spaces between the stacked fiber arrays provide channels for directed axonal growth. In some embodiments, the nerve guides also comprise high precision gradients of beneficial substances such as growth factors, which aid in nerve regeneration and growth along the guide.
Inventors:  David Simpson (Mechanicsville, Va.), Gary Bowlin (Mechanicsville, Va.), Raymond Colello (Chester, Va.), Woon Chow (Glen Allen, Va.), Balendu Shekhar Jha (Richmond)
Assignee:  Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
Feb. 21, 2017

Lubricant composition
Patent No. 9,574,156
A lubricant composition comprising lubricating oil and a compound containing phosphorus and an amine of formula I: ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 is a hydrocarbon group and at least one of R.sup.1 is selected from: –(C.sub.1-C.sub.20)alkyl, –(C.sub.1-C.sub.20)alkenyl, –(C.sub.5-C.sub.20)cycloalkyl; R is selected from: –(C.sub.4-C.sub.20)alkyl, –(C.sub.4-C.sub.20)alkenyl, –(C.sub.5-C.sub.20)cycloalkyl; and wherein R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 are independently selected from: –H, –(C.sub.6-C.sub.36)alkyl, –(C.sub.6-C.sub.36)alkenyl, –(C.sub.6-C.sub.36)cycloalkyl, wherein at least one of R.sup.2, R.sup.3 and R.sup.4 is not H; X is O or S; Y.sup.1 and Y.sup.2 are selected from S and O; m is 1 or 2, n is 0 or 1, p is 1 or 2, provided that m+n+p=3 and q=0.8 to 1.2*p, wherein the compound provides at least 48 ppm of phosphorus and a molar ratio phosphorus to nitrogen (P/N) in the range of about 0.40 to about 1.50.
Inventors:  Hong-Zhi Tang (Glen Allen, Va.), Lee D. Saathoff (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee:  Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
Feb. 21, 2017

Package made from sheet material
Patent No. 9,573,720
A package made from sheet material has a sealable coating on a first surface. The package has a plurality of panels, folded so that at least two side panels are able to be closed in an overlapping arrangement so that the two side panels are sealed together with the first surface and sealable coating in facing relationship.
Inventors:  Rodney D. Dixon (Burlington, N.C.), Marty Jones (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee:  WestRock MWV (Norcross, Ga.)
Feb. 21, 2017

Dipole triboelectric injector nozzle
Patent No. 9,574,494
The present invention relates to a fuel injector configuration that treats a dielectric fluid such as gasoline fuel with strong electric and, optionally, magnetic fields to form a homogeneous charged fuel or fuel/air mixture for combustion in an internal combustion engine. The electric field is supplied by a triboelectric dipole and the magnetic field is supplied by permanent magnets. Small charged fuel particles are produced and combust more readily than untreated particles. Fuel efficiency is increased and emissions are reduced.
Inventors:  Ronald A. Tamol (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  Ronnell Company Inc. (Richmond)

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