Virginia Law Firms Rely on Entec for Business IT Services

Legal professionals and law firms alike know the importance of technology services that provide security of data and quick retrieval of information.

As many industries have embraced technology to improve efficiency (e.g., online financial transactions, online medical portals for exchanging information with doctors, etc.), individual clients and business clients expect more business to be conducted online. Law firms and legal departments have specific needs when it comes to their ability to use technology to service their clients.

Entec Systems has worked with law firms to provide:

  • Data storage solutions that save space and protect sensitive case and client data
  • Security solutions that safeguard email and systems from malware
  • Effective phone systems that provide mobility solutions for teleworkers and attorneys in the field
  • Answers to employees’ IT questions through a help desk service
  • Encryption services for both data and email
  • Remote computing services to maintain data security and integrity while working out of the office

Sometimes there is a technology issue and no on-staff IT team (or they are bogged down with other priorities). Getting IT help can seem costly and time consuming but the Entec team is uniquely skilled with handling IT services for law firms. They have been working with firms since 2002 and understand the unique IT challenges the legal industry faces.


Law Firm Case Study

Entec Systems provided IT services to a law firm with just over 30 users. They came to us with two issues that needed immediate attention:

#1 – They were having problems with their phone system.

#2 – Their main document management application was slow and experiencing frequent crashes.

The Entec IT team was engaged to take action on these two projects and to provide results as quickly as possible.

#1 Entec Systems was able to upgrade the network backbone and get the business phone system up to the most current version, which greatly improved the reliability of the phone system. It was discovered, during the process, that their telco had been overcharging for the phone circuit. Entec migrated them to another carrier and saved the firm in operational expenses immediately.

#2 The firm’s virtualization environment was revamped and tuned. These upgrades stabilized the document management application and improved the responsiveness of the entire network, allowing for greater efficiency throughout the office.


No technology project is too large or too small for Entec. Their team can be hired to solve a single technology issue or to be your company’s IT department. Their approach to every engagement is to maximize productivity while minimizing downtime.

Talk with an Entec IT expert and learn how they can assist your law firm. By calling 800-716-2544 you can set up a no-fee appointment with one of their certified system engineers. Visit to learn more about the company and their services.


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