The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 3.22.17

Method to stabilize a dietary supplement to facilitate joint health in humans
Patent No. 9,592,202
The present invention provides for compositions comprising glucosamine wherein the glucosamine has improved and/or enhanced stability. Additionally, the present invention provides for methods of stabilizing compositions for use in preparing an oral dosage form comprising glucosamine.
Inventors:  Scott William Poxon (Mechanicsville, Va.), Denise Lowe Walters  (Richmond)
Assignee:  Wyeth (New York, N.Y.)
March 14, 2017

Carton and carton blank
Patent No. 9,592,942
A carton has panels including a top panel (12/20), a base panel (16), a first side panel (14) and a second side panel (18) forming a tubular structure. One of the panels includes a handle structure (h) defined in it. The handle structure includes a first pair of folding structures (R, R) each having at least one first fold line (X, Y, Z) defining a first edge of a handle strap and a second pair of folding structures each having at least one second fold line defining a second edge of the handle strap. Each of the at least one first fold lines and the at least one second fold lines is defined, at least in part, in the one of the panels, wherein the carton includes a mandrel panel (22) disposed in face contacting relationship with the inner surface of the one (20) of the panels.
Inventors:  Bradford J. Walling (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee:  WestRock Packaging Systems (Norcross, Ga.)
March 14, 2017

System and method for strengthening a sloped structure
Patent No. 9,593,459
A system for strengthening a sloped structure comprises first and second opposing sides, a bottom side, fill material, a plurality of facing baskets adjacent the first side, a plurality of reinforcing members disposed within the fill material, and an impermeable membrane. The second side is adapted to be adjacent the sloped structure. The bottom side adjoins bottom edges of the first and second sides, thereby forming a cavity within the first, second, and bottom sides. The fill material is disposed within the cavity. The impermeable membrane encapsulates at least a portion of the fill material and one or more of the reinforcing members. The facing baskets and the reinforcing members are positioned in a plurality of layers, with each layer comprising one facing basket and one corresponding reinforcing member. The impermeable membrane is positioned to span two or more layers of the plurality of layers.
Inventors:  Carlton Dudding (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee:  AWT IP (Glen Allen, Va.)
March 14, 2017

Knit fabric and an article comprising same
Patent No. 9,593,784
A knit fabric suitable as a reinforcement for elastomeric articles comprises a plurality of reinforcement yarns wherein each course of the fabric comprises either a first or second yarn, the modulus of the first yarn being different from the modulus of the second yarn, and the courses comprising the first and second yarns are arranged in one of the following sequences, (a) alternating courses comprise first and second yarns respectively, (b) the courses form a repeat pattern of, in order, a course comprising a first yarn, two courses comprising a second yarn and a course comprising a first yarn or (c) the courses form a repeat pattern of, in order, a course comprising a second yarn, two courses comprising a first yarn and a course comprising a second yarn.
Inventors: David William Litchfield (Midlothian, Va.), Carlo Fiorella (Wilmington, Del.)
Assignee:  E I Du Pont De Nemours and Co.  (Wilmington, Del.)
March 14, 2017

Sink drain strainer
Patent No. 9,593,474
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, machine, device, and/or manufacture relating to a sink drain strainer for a sink drain body coupled to a drain pipe, the sink drain body coupled to a sink that defines a sink bottom, the sink drain strainer, in an operative embodiment, configured to be placed within a drain aperture.
Inventors: Nicholas Altimari (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  N/A
March 14, 2017

3-(2-amino-ethyl)-alkylidene)-thiazolidine-2,4-dione and 1-(2-amino-ethyl)-alkylidene-1,3-dihydro-indol-2-one derivatives as selective sphingosine kinase 2 inhibitors
Patent No. 9,598,384
3-(2-amino-ethyl)-5-[3-(4-substituted-phenyl)-alkylidene)-thiazolidine-2,- 4-dione and 1-(2-amino-ethyl)-3-alkylidene-1,3-dihydro-indol-2-one and derivatives thereof are provided for use as selective SphK2 inhibitors and for use in the treatment of human diseases, such as cancer.
Inventors:  Shijun Zhang (Richmond), Sarah Spiegel (Richmond)
Assignee:  Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
March 14, 2017

Child resistant pumps
Patent No. 9,598,225
A child-resistant feature or lock for a sprayer including a collar and a sleeve wherein the sleeve may be rotated from a locked position to an unlocked position to allow actuation of an actuator and pump for distribution of a product from a container to which the child-resistant feature is mounted.
Inventors:  Bipin Raman Patil (Richmond), Douglas B. Dobbs (Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: WestRock MWV (Norcross, Ga.)
March 21, 2017

Necklace support
Patent No. 9,596,949
A rack supports and displays loop-like articles, such as necklaces. The rack includes a bar having a series of circumferential grooves and a holder for supporting the bar from a vertical surface. In one implementation, the holder is at the center of the bar, and is rigidly connected to the bar. In another implementation, the holder is at one end of the bar, with a pivot support at the other end of the bar. The bar is permanently and pivotally fixed to the pivot support, and releasably received in the holder. In the latter implementation, the bar can be lifted or pivoted out of engagement with the holder so that a necklace can be removed from the bar.
Inventors: Anthony Scampoli (North Chesterfield, Va.)
Assignee: Anthony Scampoli (North Chesterfield, Va.) and Marilyn Scampoli (North Chesterfield, Va.)
March 21, 2017

Systems and methods for freight tracking and monitoring
Patent No. 9,600,797
System, methods, and computer program products are provided for enhanced freight tracking and monitoring. The system may track the location of a freight shipment within a carrier’s transportation network from the time it is picked up by a carrier from a consignor until it is delivered to a consignee, provide for weight determinations and shipping re-classifications of the freight shipment during transport, and provide real-time status information and reports to the carrier, consignor, and/or consignee.
Inventors: William Mark Moir (Alpharetta, Ga.), Scott Christopher Vandy (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  United Parcel Service of America Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.)
March 21, 2017

Methods for making wet gels and dried gels therefrom
Patent No. 9,598,525
Methods for making wet gels and dried gels therefrom are provided. The method for making a wet gel can include combining a hydroxybenzene compound, an aldehyde compound, and an additive to produce a reaction mixture. The additive can include a carboxylic acid, an anhydride, a homopolymer, a copolymer, or any mixture thereof. At least the hydroxybenzene compound and the aldehyde compound can be reacted to produce a wet gel. The reaction mixture can include about 10 wt % to about 65 wt % of the hydroxybenzene compound, about 5 wt % to about 25 wt % of the aldehyde compound, up to about 85 wt % of the carboxylic acid, up to about 40 wt % of the anhydride, up to about 40 wt % of the homopolymer, and up to about 40 wt % of the copolymer, where weight percent values are based on the combined weight of the hydroxybenzene compound, the aldehyde compound, and the additive.
Inventors:  Xing Dong (Decatur, Ga.), Shahid P. Qureshi (Duluth, Ga.), Christopher M. Lee (Norcross, Ga.), Kelly A. Shoemake (Atlanta, Ga.), Joseph Frank Ludvick (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee:  Georgia-Pacific Chemicals (Atlanta, Ga.)
March 21, 2017

Flush pull door handle
Patent No. 9,598,877
The present invention provides a flush pull handle affixable to a door. The handle includes a mounting assembly including a top portion, bottom portion, first side portion and a second side portion, the mounting assembly affixable to the door via at least one fastener. The mounting assembly includes at least one mounting flange. The handle further includes a pull assembly including an assembly interior portion having a first interior side and a second interior side, the first interior side having at least one flange mount opening. The pull assembly includes an assembly face having a handle flush with the pull assembly extruding across at least a portion of the assembly interior portion for allowing a pulling action on the door handle. Such that, the pull assembly mounts in the mounting assembly based at least on the mounting flange of the mounting assembly extruding through the flange mount opening.
Inventors:  Mark Allen Longest (Blackstone, Va.), Scott Childress (Powhatan, Va.)
Assignee:  National Security and Door Corp. (N. Chesterfield, Va.)
March 21, 2017

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