Sales Recruiters of Virginia opens new office in the West End

Sales Recruiters of Virginia has taken new office space at 2706 Enterprise Parkway.  “It was time to come to the West End,” says founder and managing partner Jeff Miller. “Our new offices at 2706 Enterprise Parkway literally attaches us to BNI Headquarters, one of the great sources of salespeople in Richmond, and that is the secret sauce that we have to maintain. Our clients have always told us that our talent pool is by far the best in Virginia and we believe it. Our offices in Roanoke and Northern Virginia are doing well and this year our revenues are up 300%.  Good salespeople are at a premium, and companies are spending six months to find a great salesperson. We can do it in six days.”

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Denis Etonach
Denis Etonach
2 years ago

Wait, shouldn’t that be “in” the West End?