The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 5.9.18

Methods relating to DENND1A Variant 2 and polycystic ovary syndrome

Patent No. 9,957,567

Provided are compositions and methods for use in polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis (PCOS). The method involves a sample from a subject for a DENND1A Variant 2 mRNA or DENND1 A Variant 2 protein to make or aid in a diagnosis of PCOS. Also provided are methods for selecting an individual as a candidate for therapy for polycystic ovary syndrome by testing a biological sample from an individual for DENND1 A Variant 2 mRNA or DENND1 A Variant 2 protein and designating the individual as a candidate for the PCOS based on determining DENND1 A Variant 2 mRNA or DENND1 A Variant 2 protein in the sample. Also provided are products for use in aiding diagnosis of PCOS which contain reagents for detecting DENND1 A Variant 2 mRNA or DENND1 A Variant 2 protein, and packaging containing printed material describing use and indications for the product.

Inventors: Janette M. McAllister (Hummelstown, Pa.), Jerome F. Strauss (Richmond)

Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond) & The Penn State Research Foundation (University Park, Pa.)

May 1, 2018

Rotating retractor arm

Patent No. 9,955,959

A rotatable arm is provided which provides an ability to rotate a working end of an instrument such as a surgical retractor. Rotation of a key hub transfers torque to a drive hub which causes an extension or retraction of a lead screw along a center axis of the rotating arm. The extension or retraction forces a drive pin to bear against sides of helical slots of a driven tip, producing a rotation of the driven tip along a pitch line of the helical slots. The driven tip is connected to the working end such that the two rotate together. The rotatable arm has a low profile, a non-reversible torque transmission, and may be hermetically sealed.

Inventors: Sean W. Higgins (Richmond)

Assignee:  Boss Instruments (Gordonville, Va.)

May 1, 2018

Solid core electronic cigarette

Patent No. 9,955,727

An electronic cigarette comprises a battery portion that includes a battery which is operable to provide power to a heating element of the electronic cigarette, and a cartomizer coupled with the battery portion. The cartomizer comprises a solid core, and the heating element which vaporizes a portion of a liquefied portion of the solid core to form an aerosol mist that acts as a smoke replacement.

Inventors: Eyal Peleg (Tsoran, Israel), Robert Levitz (North Miami Beach, Fla.), Shmuel Gavrielov (Jerusalem, Ill.), Sean Eastwood (Richmond), Dorron Levy (Givatayim, Ill.)

Assignee: Nu Mark Innovations (Beit Shemesh, Israel)

May 1, 2018

Method and apparatus for producing pouched tobacco product

Patent No. 9,957,075

In a method and apparatus for producing a small pouch with a predetermined amount of particulate material therein, a predetermined amount of the particulate material is portioned from a bulk supply and compacted into a single discrete caplet. The caplet is then deposited into an open hollow pouch closed at one end thereof, and the open end is then closed with the caplet between the closed ends of the pouch. The caplet in the pouch is then compressed to return it to its particulate form. The particulate material may be granular or shredded tobacco.

Inventors: Martin T. Garthaffner (Chesterfield, Va.), Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Va.)

Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)

May 1, 2018

Carbon dopant gas and co-flow for implant beam and source life performance improvement

Patent No. 9,960,042

Ion implantation processes and systems are described, in which carbon dopant source materials are utilized to effect carbon doping. Various gas mixtures are described, including a carbon dopant source material, as well as co-flow combinations of gases for such carbon doping. Provision of in situ cleaning agents in the carbon dopant source material is described, as well as specific combinations of carbon dopant source gases, hydride gases, fluoride gases, noble gases, oxide gases and other gases.

Inventors: Oleg Byl (Southbury, Conn.), Edward A. Sturm (New Milford, Conn.), Ying Tang (Brookfield, Conn.), Sharad N. Yedave (Danbury, Conn.), Joseph D. Sweeney (New Milford, Conn.), Steven G. Sergi (Woodbury, Conn.), Barry Lewis Chambers (Midlothian, Va.)

Assignee: Entegris Inc. (Billerica, Mass.)

May 1, 2018

Multicompartment capsules of a beverage forming apparatus and methods of making thereof

Patent No. 9,963,291

A multicompartment capsule for use with a beverage forming apparatus includes a base and a sidewall extending upwardly from the base. The sidewall includes a rim extending outwardly from an upper end thereof. The rim surrounds an opening of the multicompartment capsule wherein an upper surface of the outwardly extending rim is sealed to a lower surface of a lid. At least one partition extends through an interior of the multicompartment capsule so as to form a first sealed compartment that is fluidly isolated from a second sealed compartment. The first sealed compartment includes a first beverage formulation and the second sealed compartment includes a second beverage formulation. The first beverage formulation is reactive with the second beverage formulation and the partition separates the first beverage formulation from the second beverage formulation to extend the shelf life of the multicompartment capsule.

Inventors: Georgios Karles (Richmond), Jonathan David Watson (Richmond), Gregory James Griscik (Midlothian, Va.), Christian Schuh (Mechanicsville, Va.), Munmaya Mishra (Chesterfield, Va.), Lawrence E. Tipton (Colonial Heights, Va.), Christopher L. Simpson (Richmond), Tracy M. Ogbonlowo (Moseley, Va.), Rosana C. Altoveros (Chesterfield, Va.), Dariusz Masiarz (Glen Allen, Va.)

Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)

May 8, 2018

Rotatable drum and method and system using the same for the automated production of E-vapor devices

Patent No. 9,963,260

A rotating drum for use in manufacturing vapor-generating articles may include a drum body. A plurality of grooves may be disposed in an outer face of the drum body. A seat may be tractably-mounted in each one of the plurality of grooves. The seat may include a seat groove that is structured and arranged to receive and hold a rigid casing of a vapor-generating article. The seat may be composed of a material that is softer than a material of the rigid casing.

Inventors: Edmond J. Cadieux (Mechanicsville, Va,), Martin Garthaffner (Chesterfield, Va.), Barry S. Smith (Richmond)

Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)

May 8, 2018

System and method for generating user customized order interface

Patent No. 9,965,797

A system and method for generating a user customized order interface, which displays a customer’s previous orders and corresponding specific order information and order recommendations, that may be utilized for ordering and payment. A mobile application may request a merchant ID upon determination by the mobile device that a customer is within a close proximity of a particular merchant location. A payment terminal may pass the corresponding merchant ID to a transaction system, which may retrieve, for example, the customer’s previous transactions and corresponding transaction IDs associated with the merchant ID, which may be utilized to generate a user customized order interface, which may be utilized to initiate a transaction by selecting a specific order item to order, and which may utilize the mobile application to confirm the order and proceed to payment, which will transmit the order to a merchant system.

Inventors: Thomas S. Poole (Chantilly, Va.), Apurva Shah (San Mateo, Calif.), Jennifer Lopez (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Paul Moreton (Glen Allen, Va.), Taurean Butler (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Jason DePerro (San Mateo, Calif.)

Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Va.)

May 8, 2018

Systems and methods for freight tracking and monitoring

Patent No. 9,965,739

System, methods, and computer program products are provided for enhanced freight tracking and monitoring. The system may track the location of a freight shipment within a carrier’s transportation network from the time it is picked up by a carrier from a consignor until it is delivered to a consignee, provide for weight determinations and shipping re-classifications of the freight shipment during transport, and provide real-time status information and reports to the carrier, consignor, and/or consignee.

Inventors: William Mark Moir (Alpharetta, Ga.), Scott Christopher Vandy (Midlothian, Va.)

Assignee: United Parcel Service of America Inc. (Atlanta, Ga.)

May 8, 2018

Electronic smoking article

Patent No. 9,961,941

An electronic cigarette includes a capillary tube in communication with a liquid supply including liquid material and a heater operable to heat the capillary tube to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material contained therein and form an aerosol. The liquid supply is adapted to be squeezed or otherwise compressed so as to allow a smoker to manually pump liquid to the capillary tube and simultaneously activate the heater.

Inventors: Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), Gerd Kobal (Sandy Hook, Va.), Geoffrey Brandon Jordan (Midlothian, Va.), Victor Kasoff (Austin, Texas)

Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)

May 8, 2018

Multiuser CAx assembly updater

Patent No. 9,965,572

A system for collaborating on a component according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a computing device configured to execute a first multi-user CAx environment including a synchronization module. The synchronization module is configured to selectively cause a display module at a first multi-user CAx environment to display data corresponding to changes to at least one subcomponent feature relating to an assembly model caused by a second multi-user CAx environment during an assembly session when at least one predetermined criterion is met. A method for collaborating on a component design is also disclosed.

Inventors: Joshua Daniel Winn (Ellington, Conn.,), William A. Sowa (Simsbury, Conn.), Michael D. Werkheiser (Petersburg, Va.), Kurt R. Heinemann (East Hampton, Conn.)

Assignee: United Technologies Corp. (Farmington, Conn.)

May 8, 2018

Air accelerator dosing tube

Patent No. 9,963,253

An air accelerator dosing tube for a form/fill/seal machine used to package fine cut tobacco material includes an axially-adjustable annular venturi communicating with the particulate material passage. A lining of polyether ether ketone optionally covers surfaces exposed to the particulate material. A metering assembly for delivering predetermined quanitites of particulate material at predetermined time intervals may also be fabricated from polyether ether ketone. Each dosing tube is adapted for calibration by adjustment of the annular venturi to produce a predetermined force at a predetermined stand-off distance. In operation, consistent simultaneous operation of multiple dosing tubes, each of which has been calibrated, gives substantially uniform deposit of particulate material in pouch-type packages. The particulate material may include finely cut tobacco in addition to humectants, flavorants, and other tacky substances.

Inventors: Dwight D. Williams (Powhatan)

Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)

May 8, 2018

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