N.C.-based ‘speed shop’ opens on Glenside

supra in showroom

A souped-up Toyota Supra in National Speed’s showroom. (Mike Platania)

A chain of auto shops for car enthusiasts has started its engines in the Richmond market.

National Speed opened this week at 4022 Glenside Drive in the Staples Mill Shopping Center.

The brand isn’t a typical auto shop, as it specializes in performance work on cars for enthusiasts and racers. In lieu of Honda Civics and Toyota Camrys in its bays, National Speed opened with Corvettes and Toyota Supras.

Regional manager George Taylor said Monday was its first day turning wrenches in the 15,000-square-foot building, which was formerly a Safeway grocery store.

“We’ve already got about a month’s worth of work to get us started,” Taylor said.

The Richmond shop has a staff of about 15 and features a retail area, all-wheel-drive dyno and eight repair bays.

It joins National Speed’s original location in Wilmington, North Carolina, which will remain open as the company plans a broader expansion over the next few years. It will look to add up to 30 shops nationwide.

Founder Jordan Watson said it currently is doing due diligence in a few markets but has not made any official decisions.


A Mazda RX-7 is among the first cars in National Speed’s bays. (Mike Platania)

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