The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 8.29.18

Axially gapped electrostatic machine having drive structure configured to recycle charge
Patent No. 10,056,848
Systems, devices, and methods for an electrostatic machine are provided. In one embodiment, an electrostatic machine may be configured to have an electric field motor, a rotor assembly and a motor drive, wherein the improvement may include generating at least three watts (3 W) of power with a product of a gap pressure ( and a gap distance ( of less than ninety megapascals-micrometer (90 MPa*um).
Inventors: Weston Clute Johnson (Richmond)
Assignee: Electric Force Motors (Ashland, Va.)
Aug. 21, 2018

Systems and methods for providing a benefit product with periodic guaranteed minimum income
Patent No. 10,055,795
The invention provides systems, and methods of using the systems, implementing a benefit product with a guaranteed minimum income, wherein payment into the benefit product securing the guaranteed minimum income. The system comprises an income recordkeeper interfacing with a plurality of savings recordkeepers, the income recordkeeper including (1) an income recordkeeper interface portion that inputs attributes to the benefit product funded by payments from a plan associated with the benefit product; and (2) an income recordkeeper record keeping system that implements the benefit product, the income recordkeeper record keeping system being in communication with the income recordkeeper interface portion, the income recordkeeper record keeping system: (a) monitoring transactions to the benefit product; and (b) determining, based on the transactions, a guaranteed minimum income associated with participation in the benefit product.
Inventors: Geoffrey S. Stiff (Richmond), David E. Thomas (Crozier, Va.), John C. Ezra (Nellysford, Va.), Vickey L. Root (Richmond)
Assignee: Genworth Holdings Inc. (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2018

Carton and carton blank
Patent No. 10,053,271
A carton for packaging one or more articles, includes a top panel, first and second side panels, a bottom panel, and at least one display window for displaying at least one article. The at least one display window is struck at least in part from at least one of the side panels. The at least one display window is interrupted by a retention strap for engaging at least one article.
Inventors: Maria Psalidas (Sydney, Australia), Caleb S. Loftin (Richmond)
Assignee: WestRock Packaging Systems (Atlanta, Ga.)
Aug. 21, 2018

Systems and methods for wearable injection guides
Patent No. 10,052,159
Systems and methods for wearable injection guides are described, which include: acquiring one or more digital images of a body region of an individual with at least one image capture device; creating a digitally rendered model of a wearable injection guide from the one or more digital images of the body region of the individual; adding one or more digitally rendered fiducials indicative of at least one treatment parameter to the digitally rendered model of the wearable injection guide; and forming the wearable injection guide from the digitally rendered model of the wearable injection guide, the formed wearable injection guide including one or more fiducials corresponding to the one or more digitally rendered fiducials on the digitally rendered model of the wearable injection guide.
Inventors: Mahalaxmi Gita Bangera (Renton, Wash.), Edward S. Boyden (Chestnut Hill, Mass.), Hon Wah Chin (Palo Alto, Calif.), Gregory J. Della Rocca (Columbia, Mo.), Daniel Hawkins (Pleasanton, Calif.), Roderick A. Hyde (Redmond, Wash.), Muriel Y. Ishikawa (Livermore, Calif.), Jordin T. Kare (San Jose, Calif.), Robert Langer (Newton, Mass.), Eric C. Leuthardt (St. Louis, Mo.), Stephen L. Malaska (Redmond, Wash.), Terence Myckatyn (St. Louis, Mo.), Parag Jitendra Parikh (St. Louis, Mo.), Dennis J. Rivet (Richmond), Joshua S. Shimony (St. Louis, Mo.), Michael A. Smith (Phoeniz, Ariz.), Elizabeth A. Sweeney (Seattle, Wash.), Clarence T. Tegreene (Mercer Island, Wash.), Sharon L. Wolda (Seattle, Wash.), Lowell L. Wood Jr. (Bellevue, Wash.)
Assignee: Elwha (Bellevue, Wash.)
Aug. 21, 2018

System and method for functional gait re-trainer for lower extremity pathology
Patent No. 10,052,047
A gait device and method for rehabilitating or developing a subject’s lower extremity. The device may include a movable belt configured for the subject to ambulate thereon; a track provided above the movable belt that is generally aligned with the movable belt; and a coupler that is configured to travel along the track and attach to the distal portion of the lower extremity of the subject while the subject is ambulating on the movable belt.
Inventors: Mark Feger (Richmond), Hertel; Jay N. Hertel (Charlottesville, Va.)
Assignee: University of Virginia Patent Foundation (Charlottesville, Va.)
Aug. 21, 2018

Toaster oven control knob and method of controlling a toaster oven
Patent No. 10,051,996
A toaster oven comprising a housing defining a food cavity, an opening defined in the housing, a door movably affixed to the housing, a cooking grid selectively mountable within the housing, one or more heating elements within the housing, a timer controlling activation of the heating elements, and a timer control knob engaged with the timer. The timer control knob is selectively rotatable in a second direction from the off position to a third position to activate at least one of the one or more heating elements until the timer control knob is selectively rotated in the first direction back to the off position. The timer control knob is only selectively rotatable in the second direction from the off position to the third rotational position when a main body of the timer control knob is moved longitudinally from a first longitudinal position to a second longitudinal position.
Inventors: William D. Starr (Richmond)
Assignee: Hamilton Beach Brands Inc. (Glen Allen, Va.)
Aug. 21, 2018

Cartridge and e-vaping device with serpentine heater
Patent No. 10,051,894
A cartridge of an e-vaping device includes a housing extending in a longitudinal direction, a reservoir in the housing, a heater in the housing, and an absorbent material at least partially surrounding the sinusoidal shaped member. The reservoir is configured to store a pre-vapor formulation. The heater has a sinusoidal shaped member translating about an elliptical shape to define a channel there through. The absorbent material is in fluid communication with the reservoir.
Inventors: Shmuel Gavrielov(Jerusalem, Israel), Yuval Malka (Richmond), Rangaraj Sundar (Richmond), Isaac Weigensberg (Tekoa, Ill.), David Rubli (Revava, Ill.), Moshe Eliyahu (Beit Shemesh, Israel), Arye Weigensberg (Richmond), Scott A. Fath (Richmond), Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), William J. Bogdziewicz III (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2018

Controlled release mentholated tobacco beads
Patent No. 10,051,884
Encapsulated tobacco beads and processes of making the encapsulated tobacco beads are disclosed. According to an embodiment, a process of making encapsulated tobacco beads comprises mixing tobacco particles and menthol in an aqueous solution to form a wet mass; extruding the wet mass to form extrudates; spheronizing the extrudates to form tobacco beads; drying the tobacco beads; contacting the beads with a solution comprising a cation; and introducing the contacted tobacco beads into a solution of coating material in a concentration effective to induce ionic gelation of the coating material around the beads, to form encapsulated tobacco beads having gel coatings. According to another embodiment, an encapsulated tobacco bead comprises a core comprising tobacco particles and encapsulated menthol, an inner coating layer comprising hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or pectin, and an outer coating layer comprising an ionically-crosslinked gel.
Inventors: Georgios D. Karles (Richmond), Shuzhong Zhuang (Richmond), Yi Zeng (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2018

Incorporation of ammonia release compounds in smoking articles
Patent No. 10,051,883
A tobacco smoking mixture including an ammonia-release compound adapted to be formed into a lit-end cigarette is provided. The ammonia-release compound is incorporated in or on tobacco cut filler in an amount effective to reduce the cytotoxicity, and/or selective smoke constituents of cigarette smoke. Exemplary ammonia-release compounds include ammonium acetate, ammonium hydroxide, hexammine cobalt (III) chloride, hexammine cobalt (III) acetate, and combinations thereof. The ammonia-release compounds can release ammonia at temperatures between about C. and about C. Ammonia-release compounds can be combined with additives, such as glycerine, cobalt acetate, copper (II) acetate, zinc acetate, other metal salts or combinations thereof, to further reduce the cytotoxicity of cigarette smoke.
Inventors: Lixin Xue (Midlothian, Va.), W. Geoffrey Chan (Chesterfield, Va.), Mohammad Hajaligol (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
Aug. 21, 2018

Sink drain strainer
Patent No. 10,053,845
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, machine, device, and/or manufacture relating to a sink drain strainer for a sink drain body coupled to a drain pipe, the sink drain body coupled to a sink that defines a sink bottom, the sink drain strainer, in an operative embodiment, configured to be placed within a drain aperture.
Inventors: Nicholas Altimari (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
Aug. 21, 2018

Platform for optimizing data driven outcomes
Patent No. 10,061,812
A system, method, server, and computer readable medium for tracking outcome specific data. Input establishing accounts for providers serving clients is received. The accounts are stored in a server. Each of the clients is assigned to one or more of the providers in response to selections from an administrator. Data associated with each of the clients received from the providers is compiled utilizing computing or communications devices in communication with the server. The compiled data is presented visually in response to a user request.
Inventors: Lisa A. Marshall (Richmond), James Gaynor II (Winchester, Va.)
Assignee: Parallax Behavioral Health Inc. (Santa Monica, Calif.)
Aug. 28, 2018

Helicopter hoist systems, devices, and methodologies
Patent No. 10,059,462
A helicopter-hoist system is described. The system may include: hoist equipment, illumination systems, range-measuring equipment, camera(s), communication systems, display devices, processing/control systems including image-processing systems, and power-management systems. The system may also include a smart-hook for measuring a load on the hook. Based on the measured load on the cable, the lighting may be illuminated in different manners. In another aspect, the system may communicate with display devices, which render images of a mission to helicopter crew members or other observers. Measured parameters appurtenant to the mission–such as the weight of the load, height of the smart-hook above a surface, altitude of the aircraft, distance between the aircraft and end of the hook, location of the hook in three-dimensional space, forces on the hook and cable, and other mission-critical information–may be overlaid, or rendered proximate to the real images to provide crew members with a full understanding of a mission.
Inventors: Brad Repp (Fredericksburg, Va.), Brad Pedersen (Mountain Lakes, N.J.), Ezra Johnson (Fredericksburg, Va.), Chad Cariano (Richmond), Chad Dize (Arlington, Va.)
Assignee: Breeze-Eastern (Whippany, N.J.)
Aug. 28, 2018

Authentication and authorization without the use of supplicants
Patent No. 10,063,561
Provided is authentication and authorization without the use of supplicants. Authentication and authorization includes generating a profile for a device based on at least one characteristic observed during a successful attempt by the device to access an 802.1X network infrastructure. Expected characteristics for a next attempt to access the infrastructure by the device are determined. A characteristic of the next access attempt is matched to the expected characteristic and access to the network is selectively controlled as a result of the matching. This is achieved without a supplicant being installed on the device.
Inventors: Ryan B. Benskin (Charlotte, N.C.), Lawrence T. Belton Jr. (Charlotte, N.C.), Christopher Houser (Mt. Holly, N.C.), Peter A. Makohon (Huntersville, N.C.), Timothy Morris (Lexington, N.C.), Omar Bracey (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco, Calif.)
Aug. 28, 2018

Dynamic selection of a device from a community of devices as a conduit for location detection mode activation
Patent No. 10,062,263
A first device may determine to activate a location detection mode of a second device. The location detection mode may be related to locating the second device. The second device may not be within a short-range communicative proximity of a wireless transceiver component of the first device. The first device may select a user device, of a plurality of user devices, via which to cause the second device to activate the location detection mode. The first device may provide, via the user device, a set of instructions to cause the second device to activate the location detection mode. The first device may perform one or more other actions related to locating the second device after providing the set of instructions.
Inventors: Venkata Mandali (Glen Allen, Va.), Arunkumar Natarajan (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Va.)
Aug. 28, 2018

Hinged lid packaging
Patent No. 10,059,506
A blank for forming an inner packaging container of a pack for consumer goods including an outer packaging container and the inner packaging container. The inner packaging container includes a dispensing opening with a resealable closure, a front panel, a back panel, a top panel, a bottom panel, and opposing side panels; each side panel having an inner panel and an outer panel, the inner panel having a first width defining a width of the inner packaging container, and the outer panel including at least a portion having a second width defining flanges having a width greater than the first width. The inner packaging container is insertable within the outer packaging container such that the flanges extending from the back panel of the inner packaging container exert a biasing force on the hinged lid of the outer packaging container to assure lid closure is maintained.
Inventors: Robert T. Mitten (Glen Allen, Va.), Christopher J. Hession (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
Aug. 28, 2018

Conductive compositions and methods of using them
Patent No. 10,059,827
A conductive composition includes a mono-acid hybrid that includes an unprotected, single reactive group. The mono-acid hybrid may include substantially non-reactive groups elsewhere such that the mono-acid hybrid is functional as a chain terminator. Methods and devices using the compositions are also disclosed.
Inventors: Rajan Hariharan (Duluth, Ga.), James Hurley (Midlothian, Va.), Senthil Kanagavel (Roswell, Ga.), Jose Quinones (Gainesville, Ga.), Martin Sobczak (Cumming, Ga.), Deborah Makita (Lawrenceville, Ga.)
Assignee: Alpha Assembly Solutions Inc. (Waterbury, Conn.)
Aug. 28, 2018

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