Consulting firms join forces, relocate to the city

EDGe CEO Eric Glymph. (Courtesy of EDGe)

A Chesterfield-based small business consulting company has acquired a local peer and come across the river for a new office in the Fan.

EDGe Business Planning recently absorbed BossVA for an undisclosed amount in a deal that brings with it BossVA’s assets and client base, as well as its owner, Paula Graham.

Graham will serve as a financial analyst for EDGe. The acquisition was finalized on Sept. 20.

EDGe CEO Eric Glymph said Graham approached him this year to talk about how they could work together, given the overlap of their companies’ functions.

“Where her strength is, and what I’m really excited about with her coming on, is that she’s great at process-improvement work with businesses,” Glymph said. “So you become more efficient and that leads to more profitability. She has a lot of experience there.”

Glymph moved the 5-year-old firm from Chesterfield to 2304 W. Main St. in the Fan.

He previously operated from his home, but saw a need for a workspace to host meetings with clients and a staff of five. And in a personal twist, his daughter Sam runs Curly Willow Spa, which is downstairs in the same building.

Glymph (center) with his team. (Courtesy of EDGe)

The combined rent, leased from Eck Properties, is $2,400 per month for the two spaces, Glymph said.

EDGe’s client base hovers around 20, and Glymph expects to nearly double it with the new Boss clients. Some are long-term clients, and EDGe also hosts 90-minute sessions for $149 in which companies can get a fast consultation and advice on anything relating to their business.

“The goal is at the end of it to be able to say, ‘Here’s three things you need to do.’ They can take them and run with them or if they need our help, we can actually help them with that as well,” Glymph said.

Glymph has a background in finance and accounting, and most recently worked for AT&T as director of financial planning and analysis.

EDGe will focus on growth in the Richmond area, but Glymph also looks beyond the city.

“Long term, I do see opportunities outside of Richmond, especially with our 90-minute consultation with business owners,” he said.

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