Palindrome turns a corner into new Jackson Ward location

Sisters Kate and Anna Thompson enjoy the brighter lighting in their new studio location. (Charlotte Woods)

A local branding studio has nestled further into Jackson Ward.

Palindrome, owned and founded by sisters Anna and Kate Thompson, earlier this year moved its operations around the corner from 102 W. Broad Street to 321 Brook Road.

The company first set up shop in the Broad Street space in October 2017, but quietly made its move this spring to the new location, which it shares with For the Love of Love, a wedding planning company.

“We felt like we were occupying prime retail space on Broad Street for what we were really using as a creative studio and meeting space,” Kate Thompson said.

Citing the original location as “cavernous” when it came to natural light, Kate also said she now enjoys using her camera on a blank wall within the space. The companies lease from landlord and building owner Stephanie Thulin.

“We feel more ourselves over here,” Anna Thompson added.

The sisters enjoy being surrounded by other small local businesses such as Saison, Architecture Firm and Little Nomad, with which they have done photo shoots.

“It’s nice to feel like you’re neighbors with people who value Richmond,” Kate said.

Palindrome local clients include Chez Foushee and Navy Hill Soda + Tonic, as well as larger names such as William & Mary, University of Virginia and Penguin Random House.

The sisters are both Virginia natives, but spent the last several years in New York City. Anna worked as a book designer for Penguin Random House and Kate operated her photography company, Betty Clicker Photography, which she still maintains.

Anna Thompson enjoys using her letterpress on some projects. (Charlotte Woods)

They collaborated on projects over the years, complimenting each other’s different skill sets by pairing graphic design with photography.

“In a sense, we’ve been working together for a really long time. There’s a good balance between our skill sets,” Anna Thompson said.

As for the etymology of the company’s name, Anna said, “Palindrome has always been in our narrative. My name is a palindrome.

“It started as this playful idea of something being the same front and backwards, and us as sisters having these reflective qualities.”

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