The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 5.15.19

Connector components for form-work systems and methods for use of same
Patent No. 10,280,636
An apparatus for a stay-in-place form assembly comprises a plurality of elongated panels connectable to one another in edge-to-edge relationship. The plurality of panels comprise first and second panels connectable to one another at a connection between a generally male connector component of the first panel and a generally female connector component of the second panel. The generally female connector component comprises a female engagement portion which defines a principal receptacle and the generally male connector component comprises a male engagement portion which is received in the principal receptacle to form the connection. The generally female connector component comprises a first abutment portion and the generally male connector component comprises a second abutment portion which abuts against the first abutment portion to form the connection. The first and second abutment portions are located outside of the principal receptacle.
Inventors: George David Richardson (Vancouver, Canada), Semion Krivulin (Richmond)
Assignee: CFS Concrete Forming Systems Inc. (Vancouver, Canada)
May 7, 2019

Cultured tobacco cells as a matrix for consumable products
Patent No. 10,280,396
Various embodiments are directed to consumable products incorporating a matrix of cultured tobacco cells. Any tobacco variety may be utilized for establishing in vitro tobacco cultures, including native tobacco varieties and genetically modified tobacco varieties derived from any tobacco variety. Various embodiments are directed to methods for producing tobacco products incorporating cellular material and/or extracts derived from tobacco cells cultured in vitro.
Inventors: Alec J. Hayes (Chesterfield, Va.), Maria Shulleeta (Richmond), Jason W. Flora (Richmond)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
May 7, 2019

Carton and carton blank
Patent No. 10,279,951
A carton (90) for packaging one or more articles (A) includes a plurality of panels (12, 14, 16, 18) for forming a tubular structure. The plurality of panels include a top panel (16) and a pair of first and second opposed side panels (14, 18) hingedly connected to first and second opposite sides of the top panel respectively. The first and second side panels include first and second corner edges (C2, C1) respectively which are free of hinged connection to any other part of the carton. The first and second corner edges extend from the first and second sides of the top panel respectively. The carton includes a first severance line (70) extending from the first corner and a second severance line (78) extending from the second corner edge.
Inventors: Bradford J. Walling (Chesterfield, Va.), Caleb S. Loftin (Richmond)
Assignee: WestRock Packaging Systems (Atlanta, Ga.)
May 7, 2019

Systems and methods for detecting resources responsible for events
Patent No. 10,284,581
Systems and methods are disclosed for identifying resources responsible for events. In one embodiment, a method may include determining a number of unique actors in a plurality of actors that have accessed the resource. The method may further include identifying from the plurality of actors a set of affected actors that has been affected by an event and identifying from the set of affected actors a subset of resource-affected actors that accessed the resource prior to being affected by the event. The method may further include determining a number of resource-affected actors in the subset of resource-affected actors and, based on the number of unique actors and the number of resource-affected actors, determining an event score for the resource. The event score may be a lower bound of a confidence interval of a binomial proportion of the number of resource-affected actors to the number of unique actors.
Inventors: Chris Moradi (San Francisco, Calif.), Jacob Sisk (Orinda, Calif.), Evan Bloom (Oakland, Calif.), Craig Gimby (Chesterfield, Va.), Xin Sun (Dublin, Calif.)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Va.)
May 7, 2019

Technology system auto-recovery and optimality engine and techniques
Patent No. 10,282,248
Disclosed are hardware and techniques for correcting computer process faults by identifying risk associated with correcting a computer process fault and computer processes that may depend on the corrected computer process. The interdependent computer processes in a network may be determined by evaluating a stream of process break flags from a monitoring component coupled to the network. Each computer process break flag in the stream of computer process break flags indicates a process fault detected by the monitoring component and is correlated to a corrective response. The break flag and the corrective response are assigned a risk. A risk matrix accounts for interdependencies between computer processes and identified corrective actions. A final response strategy that corrects the computer process faults is determined using the assigned risk and computer system interdependence. A runbook stores the final response strategy, which may be updated based on changing computer process interdependencies and assigned risk.
Inventors: Bhavik Gudka (Glen Allen, Va.), Surya Avirneni (Plano, Texas), Eric Barnum (Midlothian, Va.), Milind Patel (Frisco, Texas)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Va.)
May 7, 2019

Fiber optic patching system
Patent No. 10,281,672
A fiber optic patching system may include one or more cassettes which may be removably coupled a chassis. A cassette may include a channel with a lock tab disposed within the channel. Each cassette may be adapted to receive and secure any type of data cable and cable connector. A chassis may include an alignment slot and a key which may extend away from the alignment slot, and the key may have a key aperture. The cassette may be coupled within the alignment slot by inserting the key into the channel so that the lock tab and key aperture are engaged together. Preferably, the portion of the key having the key aperture may be movable away from the portion of the cassette having the lock tab to disengage the lock tab and key aperture so that the cassette is able to be uncoupled from the alignment slot.
Inventors: David M. Mullsteff (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Tactical Deployment Systems (Richmond)
May 7, 2019

Lubricants with molybdenum and their use for improving low speed pre-ignition
Patent No. 10,280,383
A lubricating oil composition and method of operating a boosted internal combustion engine. The lubricating oil composition has not more than 150 ppm sodium and includes a major amount of a base oil and an additive composition that includes one or more overbased calcium-containing detergents having a total base number of greater than 225 mg KOH/gram, in an amount sufficient to provide greater than 1100 ppm by weight to less than 2400 ppm by weight of calcium to the lubricating oil composition, and one or more molybdenum-containing compounds in an amount sufficient to provide at least about 80 ppm by weight molybdenum to the lubricating oil composition, all based on the total weight of the lubricating composition. The oil and method may reduce low-speed pre-ignition events in the boosted internal combustion engine relative to a number of low-speed pre-ignition events in the same engine lubricated with a reference lubricating oil.
Inventors: Kristin Fletcher (Midlothian, Va.), William Y. Lam (Glen Allen, Va.), Kongsheng Yang (Glen Allen, Va.), Jeremy Styer (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
May 7, 2019

Electronic vaping device
Patent No. 10,278,424
A cartridge of an electronic vaping device includes a housing assembly and a reservoir cap assembly. The housing assembly is a single piece housing assembly. The reservoir cap assembly includes a reservoir cap having a hole there through and at least one wick extending through an opening in the reservoir cap.
Inventors: Travis M. Garthaffner (Midlothian, Va.), Peter Lipowicz (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 7, 2019

Wipe container
Patent No. 10,279,976
A wipe container that includes a cover member that has a cavity, at least one wipe received in the cavity of the cover member, a base member that has a fluid reservoir, and a partition that is disposed between the cover and base members. The cover member, the base member, and the partition are sealed together to create a perimeter seal. The partition creates a barrier between the wipe on one side and cleaner on the other side. The container can be introduced into a clean room. Just prior to use, the partition is split open so that the cleaner mixes with water on the wipes.
Inventors: Mike Balestri (Mechanicsville, Va.)
Assignee: Veltek Associates Inc. (Malvern, Pa.)
May 7, 2019

E-vaping device cartridge with internal conductive element
Patent No. 10,278,423
A cartridge for an e-vaping device includes a conductive element extending through an interior of a dispensing interface to which a heating element is coupled. The conductive element may have a greater temperature coefficient of electrical resistivity than the heating element. The dispensing interface may include a fibrous wicking material, and the conductive element may be woven through an interior of the fibrous wicking material. A temperature of the dispensing interface may be determined based on monitoring an electrical resistance of the conductive element. An amount of pre-vapor formulation may be determined based on an electrical resistance of the bridge electrical circuit to an electrical signal between the heating element and the conductive element through the dispensing interface.
Inventors: Barry S. Smith (Hopewell, Va.), Ed Cadieux (Mechanicsville, Va.), Patrick J. Cobler (Nashua, N.H.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 7, 2019

Safety syringe and methods for administration of a medicament dose by subject weight
Patent No. 10,279,119
An apparatus includes a syringe body and a plunger. The syringe body defines a volume configured to contain a medicament. A proximal end portion of the syringe body includes an engagement portion, and a distal end portion of the syringe body includes a delivery tip. A side wall of the syringe body includes a transparent window. The plunger has a distal end portion configured to move within the volume of the syringe body to convey the medicament. An engagement portion of the plunger is configured to interface with the engagement portion of the syringe body to limit rotation of the plunger about a longitudinal axis of the plunger. An outer surface of the plunger includes a series of indicia, at least one which is visible through the transparent window.
Inventors: Jeffrey M. Leary (Henrico, Va.)
Assignee: Brell Medical Innovations (Henrico, Va.)
May 7, 2019

Pipette tip washing device
Patent No. 10,285,564
A washing device comprises a drawer compartment and a top compartment. The drawer compartment is selectively movable out and in between, respectively, an open and a closed position. The drawer compartment receives a plurality of laboratory consumables held by a rack. The top compartment is positioned above the drawer compartment when the drawer compartment is in its closed position. The top compartment houses a manifold dispenser that is selectively movable up and down between, respectively a loading/unloading position and a washing position. The manifold dispenser comprises at least one liquid input and a plurality of liquid outputs that operably direct fluid to contact the plurality of laboratory consumables held by the rack when the manifold dispenser is in its washing position and the drawer compartment is in its closed position.
Inventors: Ali Safavi (Richmond), Taylor Anderson (Richmond)
Assignee: Grenova Inc. (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Cartridge and e-vaping device with serpentine heater
Patent No. 10,285,450
A cartridge of an e-vaping device includes a housing extending in a longitudinal direction, a reservoir in the housing, a heater in the housing, and an absorbent material at least partially surrounding the sinusoidal shaped member. The reservoir is configured to store a pre-vapor formulation. The heater has a sinusoidal shaped member translating about an elliptical shape to define a channel there through. The absorbent material is in fluid communication with the reservoir.
Inventors: Shmuel Gavrielov (North Miami Beach, Fla.), Yuval Malka (Richmond), Rangaraj Sundar (Richmond), Isaac Weigensberg (Richmond), David Rubli (Revava, Israel), Moshe Eliyahu (Beit Shemesh, Israel), Arye Weigensberg (Richmond), Scott A. Fath (Richmond), Christopher S. Tucker (Midlothian, Va.), William J. Bogdziewicz (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Microvaporizer with controlled activation
Patent No. 10,285,446
A microvaporizer having a first switch connected to a mouthpiece of the microvaporizer and a timer, and a second switch that is connected to the timer and the battery of the microvaporizer. The microvaporizer is activated to produce vapor when the first switch is triggered and the second switch is also triggered within the timer’s countdown of a predetermined period of time. When the second switch is not triggered before the timer countdown ends, the timer turns off automatically and the microvaporizer is not activated.
Inventors: Yongjie James Xu (Richmond)
Assignee: N/A
May 14, 2019

Smokeless tobacco packaging system and method
Patent No. 10,285,439
Some embodiments of a smokeless tobacco system include a container including a plurality of preformed smokeless tobacco products configured to generally retain their shape and integrity during processing, shipping, and consumer handling. One or more of the preformed smokeless tobacco products are compressed between a lid and a base of the container to hinder movement of the one or more preformed smokeless tobacco products within the container. Each preformed smokeless tobacco product can include a moist smokeless tobacco in combination with a selected binder such that the final product is configured to have material properties providing improved handling, an improved mouth feel, and a satisfying flavor profile.
Inventors: Jason Andrew Macko (Richmond), James Lindsay Clark (Richmond), Shannon Maxwell Black (Richmond), Andrew Nathan Carroll (Chester, Va.), Srinivasan Janardhan (Glen Allen, Va.)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Rod forming apparatus and method
Patent No. 10,285,432
A method of forming a wrapped article, comprising the steps of: forming a continuous stream of material such as an agricultural product; moving the continuous stream of material along an elongated path; compressing the continuous stream of material to reduce the cross-sectional area thereof until a predetermined cross-sectional dimension is achieved; drawing the compressed continuous stream of material through a rod-forming arrangement, the rod-forming arrangement having a non-contact displacement transducer associated therewith; folding at least one web longitudinally around the compressed continuous stream of material to form a continuous rod of material; and detecting variations in rod density within the rod-forming arrangement from a signal obtained from the non-contact displacement transducer.
Inventors: Dwight David Williams (Powhatan, Va.), Rosana C. Altoveros (Richmond)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Encapsulated flavorant designed for thermal release and cigarette bearing the same
Patent No. 10,285,431
Improved delivery of additives is provided through encapsulation. The encapsulated additives can be formed by encapsulating additives using co-ionic cross-linking, in-situ overcoating, and/or step-growth overcoating. By encapsulating additives, additives can be made heat and moisture stable and migration and/or loss of the additives within a cigarette, such as an activated carbon containing cigarette, can be reduced.
Inventors: Munmaya K. Mishra (Richmond), Jay A. Fournier (Richmond), Kathy E. Paine (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Methods for preparing pecific polypeptide-binding antibodies
Patent No. 10,287,598
Various embodiments are directed to transgenic plants, including transgenic tobacco plants and derivative seeds, genetically modified to impede the transport of Cadmium (Cd) from the root system to aerial portions of transgenic plants by reducing the expression levels of HMA-related transporters. Various embodiments are directed to transgenic tobacco plants genetically modified to stably express a RNAi construct encoding RNAi polynucleotides that enable the degradation of endogenous NtHMA RNA variants. Reduced expression of NtHMA transporters in transgenic plants results in substantially reduced content of Cadmium (Cd) in the leaf lamina. Various consumable products that are substantially free or substantially reduced in Cd content can be produced by incorporating leaves derived from transgenic tobacco plants modified to reduce the expression of NtHMA transporters.
Inventors: Chengalrayan Kudithipudi (Midlothian, Va.), Alec J. Hayes (Chesterfield, Va.), Rutger S. van der Hoeven (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Philip Morris USA Inc. (Richmond)
May 14, 2019

Expansion module system
Patent No. 10,292,292
A system and approach that may connect communication modules together in a daisy chain fashion as an expansion bus. A communication module may be connected with a data bus and a voltage bus to a baseboard having a controller. The communication module may have a multi-port universal serial bus hub connected to the data bus from the expansion connector, an electronic device connected to the hub and the voltage regulator. Another communication module having a similar structure as the first communication module may be connected to the first communication module via a data bus between the multiport hub of the first expansion module and a universal serial bus hub of the other communication module, and may have a voltage bus connected to the voltage bus of the first communication module. More communication modules may be connected in a daisy chain or serial fashion to a preceding module, and so on in a similar manner.
Inventors: Jim Triplett (Midlothian, Va.)
Assignee: Honeywell International Inc. (Morris Plains, N.J.)
May 14, 2019

Filter backwash control system for a water or wastewater treatment system to conserve water during the filter backwash process
Patent No. 10,286,337
A water treatment filter backwash process control system, comprising a control system that receives filter level data and filter backwash turbidity data. The control system having a filter level set point, wherein the filter level set point corresponds to a desired filter media bed expansion. The control system having a filter backwash turbidity set point, wherein the control system controls the filter backwash process by, while monitoring the filter backwash turbidity, sending one or more output signals that are used to control a backwash inlet liquid flow in order to maintain a desired media bed expansion, and stop the backwash inlet liquid flow when the filter backwash turbidity set point is reached.
Inventors: Mark W. Romers (Sandston, Va.)
Assignee: N/A
May 14, 2019

Fishing tool
Patent No. 10,285,392
A fishing tool may be used for securing a trailer hook or other lure item onto a bait hook. The tool includes a handle with a mounting end positioned therein, wherein the mounting end includes an installation hole that extends through the handle. There is additionally a recessed seat in the hole and around the perimeter of the hole. A plastic disc has an outside diameter that corresponds to the diameter of the installation hole.
Inventors: George Brent Thomas (Powhatan, Va.)
Assignee: George Brent Thomas (Powhatan, Va.)
May 14, 2019

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