Trading Day: Local SEC filings for 6.20.19

Apple Hospitality REIT (APLE)
Director Hugh Redd purchased 2,000 shares at $15 per share for a total of $31,760. Redd directly owns 93,154 shares of common stock.

C&F Financial (CFFI)
The parent of C&F Bank said it established an “incentive compensation opportunity” for 2019 for Larry Dillon, who earlier this year retired as longtime CEO and remains executive chairman. The incentive plan will award Dillon a cash payment up to 20 percent of his base salary and an equity award of shares of the company’s stock valued at up to 20 percent of his base salary.

Kinsale Capital Group (KNSL)
Chief Information Officer William Kenney Jr. sold 815 shares at $86.39 apiece for a total of approximately $70,000. Kenney still owns 3,498 shares of Kinsale stock.

Chief Operating Officer Brian Haney exercised options for 2,250 shares at $16 apiece. He then sold the shares at market price for $86.89 each, for a total of $195,500.

Performance Food Group (PFGC)
Executive vice president Patrick Hagerty sold 7,000 shares at $38 per share for a total of $272,930. Hagerty directly owns 155,006 shares of common stock.

Universal Corp. (UVV)
Subsidiary officer Theodore Broome sold 5,000 shares at $59 per share for a total of $296,200. He still directly owns 34,127 shares of common stock.

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