The Pipeline: Commercial real estate for 3.13.20

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Colliers International reports the following deal:

ProLogistix and Resource MFG leased 4,367 square feet at 5700-5760 Hopkins Road in Richmond. Peter Vick, Harrison Hall and Maddy Spear represented the landlord.

S. L. Nusbaum Realty Co. reports the following deals:

LWAM LLC has leased 3,969 square feet at 3817 Hull Street Road in Richmond. Zach Hernandez represented the landlord.

Training House has leased 3,500 square feet at 1257 Sycamore Square in Chesterfield. Andrew Thacker and Bob Butcher represented the landlord.

CADC LLC has leased 1,720 square feet of office space at 1121 N. 25th St. in Richmond. Tom Langston and Andrew Thacker represented the landlord.

Sperity Real Estate Ventures reports the following deals:

Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets leased 2,384 square feet at 300 W. Brookland Park Boulevard in Richmond. Veronica Wiles, Nathan Hughes, and Robert Hensley represented the tenant.

Scherm Family Chiropractic leased 1,000 square feet of space at 8052 Elm Drive in Hanover. Veronica Wiles represented the tenant.

418 W Broad LLC purchased 3,850 square feet at 418 W. Broad St. in Richmond for $1.15 million from Studio 418 LLC. Nathan Hughes, Veronica Wiles, and Robert Hensley represented the seller.

504 West Broad LLC purchased 5,774 square feet at 504, 506 W. Broad St. in Richmond for $900,000 from Lee Jun-Fan LLC. Nathan Hughes, Veronica Wiles, and Robert Hensley represented the seller.

One South Commercial reports the following deals:

Eagle West 7 LLC purchased 3,971 square feet at 440, 444, 448 W. 6th St. in Richmond for $389,424 from Patricia R. and John W. Pearsall III. Tom Rosman and Lory Markham represented the seller.

2917 M Street LLC & 520 N 26th LLC purchased 5,376 square feet at 520 N. 26th St. and 2917 M St. for in Richmond for $930,000 from Cao Chau and Bich. Justin Sledd represented the seller.

Gregg Investments LLC purchased 9,300 square feet at 205-209 N. Foushee St. in Richmond for $1.17 million from Bison Building Works. Tom Rosman and Ann Schweitzer Riley represented the seller. Ken Campbell represented the buyer.

RREAF Holdings purchased 138,434 square feet at 9 S. Market St., 15 N. Union St., 803 Hinton St., 214 Dunlop St. in Petersburg for $14 million. Tom Rosman and Ryan Rilee represented the seller.

Stanley Martin Companies purchased one acre at 1027,1029,1031, 1033, 1035, 1037, 1039, 1041 N. Lombardy St. in Richmond for $3.9 million. Ann Schweitzer Riley and Lory Markham represented the seller.

Commonwealth Commercial Partners reports the following deals:

Movement Mortgage leased 1,724 square feet at 9401 Courthouse Road in Chesterfield. Tucker Dowdy and Jamie Galanti represented the landlord.

Commonwealth Community Trust Endowment Fund leased 2,275 square feet at 3751-D Westerre Parkway in Henrico. Tucker Dowdy and Russell Wyatt represented the landlord.

Crystal Ice Corp. leased 2,360 square feet at 3007 W. Clay St. in Richmond. Ben Bruni and Russell Wyatt represented the landlord.

#1 A LifeSafer Distribution leased 2,194 square feet at 2600 E. Parham Road in Henrico. Chip Louthan represented the landlord.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer reports the following deals:

Panera leased 4,419 square feet of retail space at Southpark Circle and Temple Avenue in Colonial Heights. Connie Jordan Nielsen represented the tenant. Nicki Jassy represented the landlord.

Axcex Media leased 4,000 square feet at 6816 Everglades Drive in Richmond. Amy J. Broderick and Baker Lynn represented the landlord.

Fabling Built LLC leased 3,576 square feet 3801-3827 Gaskins Road in Henrico. Evan Magrill and Dean Meyer represented the landlord.

Carytown Tobacco leased 2,600 square feet 12216 Chattanooga Place in Chesterfield. Alicia Brown and David Crawford represented the landlord.

Starbucks Corp. leased 2,513 square feet at 9801-9865 Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield. Nicki Jassy and Pete Waldbauer represented the tenant.

Miracle Community Christian Center leased 1,500 square feet 8716-8762 Landmark Road in Henrico. Amy J. Broderick and Isaac DeRegibus represented the landlord.

Smokers leased 1,383 square feet at 5400 Wyndham Forest Drive in Henrico. Connie Jordan Nielsen and Alicia Brown represented the landlord.

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