Green building nonprofit adds to its ranks with acquisition

Viridiant provides consulting services to help builders and developers incorporate environmentally friendly features in their projects. (Courtesy Viridiant)

A Richmond nonprofit that advocates for energy-efficient buildings will be able to expand its services with the acquisition of a local peer.

Viridiant, formerly known as EarthCraft Virginia, announced last week the acquisition of Richmond Region Energy Alliance.

RREA’s lone staffer has been assigned to head the newly created Community Energy Services division of Viridiant. The new division will bring expanded services to Viridiant, among them technical support for mortgages on energy-efficient properties, educational programming and home energy audits for residences and businesses in the Richmond area.

Viridiant provides consulting, education and certification for people seeking to add environmentally friendly components to buildings, be it baked-in features of new construction or add-ons to existing buildings. With RREA on board, the nonprofit will have greater capabilities in providing clean-energy applications for existing buildings.

The acquisition included the transfer of grant funding that was provided by the ConseRVAtion Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Richmond, as well as RREA’s existing assets to cover personnel costs, Viridiant spokeswoman Stacy Mitchell said in an email. She declined to provide specific financial terms of the deal.

The acquisition was planned prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

With RREA Executive Director Andrew Grigsby now part of Viridiant, the nonprofit’s headcount is up to 12 full-time employees.

Viridiant has its office at 1431 W. Main St. in the Fan. It has been in business for 14 years. In 2018, it certified 2,550 homes, which the nonprofit said saved those families more than $1 million in energy bills and eliminated more than 4 million pounds of burned coal.

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