Entrepreneurs showcase brands at The Spot streetwear shop in Arts District

The Spot co-founders, from left, Cam Hadnot, Alex Tucker, Tyler Chong,
Brian Iwuamadi, James Crump and Duane Doku. Not pictured is co-founder Derrick Iwuamadi. (Photos courtesy of The Spot)

With a new restaurant on the way next door, a creative collective has propped up a clothing store with a range of production services in the Arts District.

The Spot RVA officially opened in early November at 7 W. Broad St., in between home goods store 68 Home and upcoming Mexican joint Sonora Cantina & Rooftop.

Behind the concept are seven local entrepreneurs who decided to bring their individual businesses and brands together to create mutually beneficial exposure for themselves and a multi-faceted experience for customers and clients.

Though the space has several concepts in play, including screen-printing services, a photo studio space, graphic design services and an events venue, it is primarily focused on its streetwear fashion retail shop.

“All of us have our own individual up-and-coming brands and (we got together because) somebody knew somebody else and we saw an opportunity to create something for Richmond that was lacking,” said James Crump, a co-founder who manages The Spot’s day-to-day operations.

The Spot primarily operates as a retail store, but it also features screen-printing services, an events venue and a photo studio space.

The Spot’s current offerings are extensions of the founders’ other gigs, but down the line the group hopes to add more vendors with different products to the mix. The Spot intends to source its offerings from local brands.

“Our vision is to build and promote Virginia-based brands,” Crump said.

The concept was on the founders’ minds prior to the onset of the coronavirus. But when the pandemic’s economic disruptions slowed down the momentum on their other projects, they found they finally had the time to put in the work to launch The Spot.

Crump said the venture is designed to both elevate founders’ brands and generate revenue for them by providing a new means to get in front of consumers.

“It gives us a bigger opportunity. It brings people together to build something better than what just our brands alone could do,” said Crump, who also works as a commercial real estate agent at CBRE.

The Spot’s co-founders are Crump (Original Players), Tyler Chong (Humvn Creations), Alex Tucker (Insert Name), Duane Doku (Duane Doku Arts), Cam Hadnot (By HadNot), Derrick Iwuamadi and Brian Iwuamadi (both of Rotate).

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