New medical infusion clinic taps into Henrico County market

Annette Bennett is co-founder and president of Infusion Solutions. (Photos courtesy of Infusion Solutions)

With COVID-19 treatment as part of its offerings, a new clinic focused on infusion therapy is up and running in the region.

Infusion Solutions opened in recent months at Glen Forest Office Park. The center features 13 private suites and one common suite, where both adult and child patients can receive outpatient infusion therapy. The 6,000-square-foot center is at 7110 Forest Ave.

Infusion therapy is the administration of medications through intravenous or injectable methods. A range of conditions can be treated with infusion therapy such as autoimmune diseases and infections that don’t respond to oral antibiotics, as well as congestive heart failure, osteoporosis and other issues. The center doesn’t offer chemotherapy.

Though a pre-pandemic idea, the center also markets itself as a destination for people who need monoclonal antibody therapy to recover from COVID-19 while avoiding a more crowded setting like a hospital. The center’s suites are split across two floors, with all eight suites on the first floor dedicated to COVID patients.

Infusion Solutions co-founder and President Annette Bennett said the center’s focus on COVID-19 patients helps patients with less serious cases stay out of the hospital and free up room in the hospital for worse cases.

“We’re another resource not just for the patient, but also the hospital,” Bennett said. “That leaves the bed open for someone who really needs it.”

Bennett is also co-founder and CEO of Clinical Research Partners, a clinical trials research group that also has an office at 7110 Forest Ave. Patrick Oliver, a doctor and medical director at Infusion Solutions, as well as Lucien Roberts, who serves as COO of the company, are also co-founders. Bo Vaughn, a doctor, rounds out the leadership team as the center’s infectious disease medical director.

Oliver also operates MindPeace Clinic, a ketamine infusion clinic that subleases a portion of Infusion Solutions’ space two days a week and also has locations in Arlington and Norfolk.

Infusion Solutions has 13 private suites for its infusion therapy services.

Bennett said the center, which opened in February, is able to provide lower costs for services compared to hospitals, but said so many variables go into the cost of treatment it was difficult to provide a sample of the center’s price points. The center requires its patients to come with referrals from medical practitioners.

The center has three nurses and three medical assistants on staff. Bennett said it cost more than $200,000 to set up the space.

Bennett said her brother Daniel’s experience with infusion therapy motivated her to start the center. Her brother was diagnosed in 2016 with stage IV colon cancer at 35 years old and died from the disease three years later. She said private options were limited, and she thought the infusion therapy experience lacked a much-needed human touch.

“I went with my brother to infusion centers from Virginia to Colorado and just saw how you’re placed in a room with patients and you didn’t have private suites. It was more like you’re a number going through the process,” she said.

The center goes for more of a spa atmosphere than a medical office look. To that end, in addition to the private rooms, the center offers reclining infusion chairs, heated massage chairs, snacks and other amenities.

“We wanted to be able to do it in a safe, comfortable environment,” Oliver said. “Nobody wants to be sick, nobody wants to come in for an infusion.”

Looking forward, Bennett would like to see Infusion Solutions open locations in Norfolk and Fredericksburg.

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