The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 5.19.21

Systems and methods for determining a genomic testing status
Patent No. 11,004,541
A computer-implemented system for determining a genomic testing status of a patient may include at least one processor programmed receive, from a source, unstructured information from a plurality of patient records associated with a patient; determine, using a first machine learning model, a primary patient record from among the plurality of patient records, wherein at least a portion of information represented in the primary patient record correlates to genomic testing; determine, using a second machine learning model and based on unstructured information from one at least one of the patient records, a likelihood of an occurrence of genomic testing for the patient; determine a genomic testing status of the patient based on the determined likelihood of the occurrence of genomic testing; and display a user interface comprising an indicator of the genomic testing status of the patient and a link to the primary patient record.
Inventors: Addison Shelley (New York, New York), Alexander Padmos (New York, New York), Angel Leung (Richmond), Chun-Che Wang (Seattle, Washington), Dominic Green (Yorktown Heights, New York), Edward Liu (Brooklyn, New York), Janet Donegan (Park City, Utah), Lauren Sutton (Cary, North Carolina), Lucy He (New York, New York), Sharang Phadke (Plainsboro, New Jersey)
Assignee: Flatiron Health (New York, New York)
May 11, 2021

Systems and methods for authenticating potentially fraudulent transactions using voice print recognition
Patent No. 11,004,077
Methods and systems are disclosed for providing fraudulent transaction processes. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed for performing fraudulent transaction processes that may include receiving an indication that a payment transaction has been identified as potentially fraudulent, the payment transaction involving a payment account associated with a user. The method may also include receiving a candidate voice print and comparing the candidate voice print to a user voice print that is associated with the payment account. The method may further include determining, based on the comparison, whether the candidate voice print matches the user voice print, and providing an indication whether the candidate voice print matches the user voice print, the indication configured for use to determine whether to approve or deny the payment transaction.
Inventors: Nikhil Murgai (Providence, Rhode Island), Leonard Roseman (Richmond)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 11, 2021

Buprenorphine dosing regimens
Patent No. 11,000,520
The disclosure provides a dosage regimen using sustained-release buprenorphine formulations to produce therapeutic levels of buprenorphine in patients for the treatment of pain or opioid use disorders.
Inventors: Azmi Nasser (Richmond), Celine M. Laffont (Richmond), Christian Heidbreder (Richmond)
Assignee: Indivior UK LTD (Hull, Great Britain)
May 11, 2021

Multi-source micro-vaporizer
Patent No. 11,000,072
A micro-vaporizer has a vaporization chamber within an interior of a body casing. At least one heating element is disposed within the vaporization chamber and a fluid transport material is at least partially disposed within the vaporization chamber. The fluid transport material has a vaporization surface portion positioned adjacent a surface of the at least one heating element and is configured for drawing a vaporizable liquid to the vaporization surface for exposure to the at least one heating element. An active material substrate is also disposed within the vaporization chamber. The active material substrate has an active surface portion positioned adjacent a second surface of the at least one heating element.
Inventors: Yongjie Xu (Richmond), Donovan Phillips (Richmond)
Assignee: Blackship Technologies Development (Chesterfield, Virginia)
May 11, 2021

Pouch material for smokeless tobacco and tobacco substitute products
Patent No. 11,000,060
A melt-blown fabric for pouching smokeless tobacco or a smokeless tobacco substitute can include melt-blown polymer fibers. The fabric can have a basis weight of less than 10 gsm and a tensile strength of at least 4 mJ in at least one predetermined direction. Method of making the fabric can include melt-blowing a polymeric material against a support surface and bonding the fibers or arranging them in a predetermined orientation. Pouched smokeless tobacco or tobacco substitute products including the fabrics provided herein can provide desirable flavor and tactile experience.
Inventors: Andrew Nathan Carroll (Chester, Virginia), Shannon Maxwell Black (Richmond), Yan Helen Sun (Midlothian, Virginia), William J. Burke (Nashville, Tennessee)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 11, 2021

Field level security system for securing sensitive data
Patent No. 11,005,823
Computer implemented systems and methods are provided for securing data. In some embodiments, a system for securing data may comprise one or more processors configured to receive a request for data over a network. The one or more processors may be configured to identify one or more confidential portions of data within the requested data. The one or more processors may be further configured to transmit the confidential portions of data to a hardware device configured to secure the confidential portions of data, and receive the secured data from the hardware device.
Inventors: Attaullah Baig (Round Rock, Texas), Vishal Parikh (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 11, 2021

Nicotiana nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Patent No. 11,000,059
The present invention features Nicotiana nucleic acid sequences such as sequences encoding constitutive, or ethylene or senescence induced polypeptides, in particular cytochrome p450 enzymes, in Nicotiana plants and methods for using these nucleic acid sequences and plants to alter desirable traits, for example by using breeding protocols.
Inventors: Dongmei Xu (Glen Allen, Virginia), Mark T. Nielsen (Nicholasville, Kentucky), Yanxin Shen (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (Richmond)
May 11, 2021

Techniques for excess resource utilization
Patent No. 11,005,774
Techniques to utilize excess resources in a cloud system, such as by enabling an auxiliary resource utilizer to use resources while they are not needed to support primary resource utilizers, are described herein. Some embodiments are directed to identifying and allocating excess capacity of resources in a cloud system to auxiliary resource utilizers based on one or more policies. In various embodiments, excess resources in one or more of the set of resources in the cloud system, or cloud resources, may be determined based on monitoring utilization of the cloud resources by the primary resource utilizers. In many embodiments, an auxiliary resource utilizer that is in compliance with a set of utilization policies may be identified and the excess resources may be allocated to the auxiliary resource utilizer.
Inventors: Eric K. Barnum (Midlothian, Virginia), Bryan Pinos (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 11, 2021

Techniques for dynamic network strengthening
Patent No. 11,005,712
Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for network strengthening, such as by detecting issues with one or more network components and reconfiguring one or more upstream or downstream network components to preempt issues with the one or more upstream or downstream network components, for instance. Some embodiments are particularly directed to a tool (e.g., strengthening agent) that implements pre-scripted or dynamic hardening of up and downstream dependencies of a network component in response to an issue identified with the network component. In many embodiments, up and downstream components of a network component may be reconfigured while the issue with the network component is being addressed to preempt issues with the up and downstream components.
Inventors: Eric K. Barnum (Midlothian, Virginia), Bryan Pinos (Williamsburg, Virginia), Lindsay Helbing (Newport News, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 11, 2021

Methods and systems for controlling a light source of a cue light device
Patent No. 11,012,638
A cue light device may comprise one or more connection interfaces configured for electrical coupling to a video switcher via a cable; a microcontroller configured to obtain and analyze data from the video switcher via the cable and the one or more connection interfaces; a multi-position switch configured to selectively permit a segment of the data to be processed by the microcontroller; and a light source electrically coupled to the microcontroller and configured to selectively illuminate based on a configuration of the multi-position switch.
Inventors: Timothy Terry (Richmond)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 18, 2021

User behavior segmentation using latent topic detection
Patent No. 11,010,345
The features relate to artificial intelligence directed compression of user event data based on complex analysis of user event data including latent feature detection and clustering. Further features are described for reducing the size of data transmitted during event processing data flows and devices such as card readers or point of sale systems. Machine learning features for dynamically determining an optimal compression as well as identifying targeted users and providing content to the targeted users based on the compressed data are also included.
Inventors: Honghao Shan (San Diego, California), Mason L. Carpenter (Richmond), Gregor Bonin (Wimberley, Texas), Shanji Xiong (San Diego, California), Christer DiChiara (Carlsbad, California)
Assignee: Experian Information Solutions (Costa Mesa, California)
May 18, 2021

Demulsifier for quaternary ammonium salt containing fuels
Patent No. 11,008,526
Described herein are fuel performance additives, fuels including such additive, methods of improving the demulsiliblity of fuels using fuel performance additives, and the use of a fuel performance additive to improve the demulsiliblity of fuel where such fuels are gasoline or diesel and further include a quaternary ammonium salt obtained from at least the reaction of a nitrogen containing compound having at least a tertiary amino group and a quaternizing agent.
Inventors: Daniel Taylor (Fredericksburg, Virginia), Makaye Tabibi (Richmond)
Assignee: Croda (Edison, New Jersey) & Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
May 18, 2021

Inhibitors of cancer invasion, attachment, and/or metastasis
Patent No. 11,008,325
Provided herein are, inter alia, compositions that bind to a PDZ1 domain of MDA-9/Syntenin (syndecan binding protein: SDCBP), thereby inhibiting MDA-9/Syntenin activity, and methods of use of same. The compositions and methods provided herein are useful for treating cancer and preventing cancer metastasis, particularly in cancers that have increased MDA-9/Syntenin expression.
Inventors: Paul B. Fisher (Henrico, Virginia), Maurizio Pellecchia (Riverside, California), Swadesh K. Das (Richmond), Timothy P. Kegelman (Richmond), Bainan Wu (Richmond), Surya K. De (Richmond), Jun Wei (La Jolla, California), Mitchell E. Menezes (Richmond), Luni Emdad (Richmond)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond) & Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (La Jolla, California)
May 18, 2021

Compositions and methods for restoring or increasing tissue perfusion
Patent No. 11,007,227
A composition for restoring or increasing tissue perfusion is provided. The composition includes polyethylene glycol polymers (PEG) with a molecular weight of 18,000-100,000 Da at a concentration of 5-20% by weight; PEG with a molecular weight of 1,000-10,000 Da at a concentration of 1-30% by weight; and water, wherein said PEG with a molecular weight of 18,000-100,000 Da and said PEG with a molecular weight of 1,000-10,000 Da are dissolved or dispersed in said water.
Inventors: Martin J. Mangino (Powhatan, Virginia), Loren K. Liebrecht (Richmond)
Assignee: Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)
May 18, 2021

Patent No. 11,006,700
A clip having superimposable parts for securing, between the parts, thin pliable materials, at any locations on the material, adjacent the material edges or at any position between opposing material edges.
Inventors: Jean Emile (Richmond)
Assignee: N/A
May 18, 2021

User interface
Patent No. 11,010,142
Various examples are directed to systems and methods for generating a user interface. The user interface may be based at least in part on an account returns data structure that is generated based on a benchmark returns for a set of benchmark asset classes and on returns for a first account. The user interface comprises a set of columns. A first column comprises a first tile for a first benchmark asset class of the plurality of benchmark asset classes, a second tile corresponding to a second benchmark asset class of the plurality of benchmark asset classes, and a third tile corresponding to the first account. The first tile, the second tile, and the third tile may be ordered in the first column based at least in part on returns for the first account, the first benchmark asset class, and the second benchmark asset class in the first time period.
Inventors: Stephen G. Hubbard (Chesterfield, Virginia), Ian Keith MacEachern (St. Louis, Missouri), Lee Thomas Lindley (Mechanicsville, Virginia), Jason Matthew Couture (St. Louis, Missouri), Andrew Cary Hall (Glen Allen, Virginia), Kurt Loreck; Kurt (Caseyville, Illinois)
Assignee: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (San Francisco, California)
May 18, 2021

Automatic rewards and benefits optimization
Patent No. 11,010,781
A processor may detect a user interaction with a user interface provided through a network by a server. The processor may analyze the user interaction to identify at least one offer associated with at least one item available for purchase through the user interface. The offer may be associated with a first payment type. The processor may process a user transaction to purchase the at least one item. The processing may include automatically applying the first payment type to the transaction.
Inventors: Walter Avery Miller (Glen Allen, Virginia), Robert A. Martin (Glen Allen, Virginia)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 18, 2021

Orientationless chip layout for a transaction card
Patent No. 11,010,652
Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques to provide an orientationless transaction card. Embodiments include a transaction card having a substrate comprising one or more laminated layers and a chip comprising processing circuitry, and memory, the chip embedded within the substrate. The transaction card may also include a first contact pad coupled with the chip, the first contact pad embedded on a first side of the substrate at a first location and a second contact pad embedded on the first side of the substrate at a second location. Further, the transaction card includes an antenna embedded within the substrate, the antenna to couple the chip with the second contact pad.
Inventors: Tyler Maiman (Melville, New York), Stephen Schneider (Midlothian, Virginia), Daniel Herrington (New York, New York)
Assignee: Capital One Services (McLean, Virginia)
May 18, 2021

High speed 3D printing system for wound and tissue replacement
Patent No. 11,007,705
A method or apparatus for creating a three-dimensional tissue construct of a desired shape for repair or replacement of a portion of an organism. The method may comprise injecting at least one biomaterial in a three-dimensional pattern into a first material such that the at least one biomaterial is held in the desired shape of the tissue construct by the first material. The apparatus may comprise an injector configured to inject at least one biomaterial in a three-dimensional pattern into a first material such that the at least one biomaterial is held in the desired shape of the tissue construct by the first material. The first material may comprise a yield stress material, which may be a material exhibiting Herschel-Bulkley behavior. The tissue construct may have a smallest feature size of ten micrometers or less.
Inventors: Thomas Ettor Angelini (Gainesville, Florida), Wallace Gregory Sawyer (Gainesville, Florida), Kyle Gene Rowe (Gainesville, Florida), Tapomoy Bhattacharjee (Gainesville, Florida), Alberto Fernandez-Nieves (Atlanta, Georgia), Ya-Wen Chang (Atlanta, Georgia), Samantha M. Marquez (Midlothian, Virginia)
Assignee: University of Florida Research Foundation (Gainesville, Florida) & Georgia Tech Research Corp. (Atlanta, Georgia)
May 18, 2021

Engine oils for soot handling and friction reduction
Patent No. 11,008,527
Engine oil \s and methods for use in soot-producing engines. The engine oil contains a major amount of a base oil and a dispersant reaction product of A) a hydrocarbyl-dicarboxylic acid or anhydride, and B) at least one polyamine, that is post-treated with C) an aromatic carboxylic acid, an aromatic polycarboxylic acid, or an aromatic anhydride, wherein all carboxylic acid or anhydride groups of C) are attached directly to an aromatic ring. A molar ratio of carboxyl groups from components A) and C) to nitrogen atoms from component B) of from 0.9 to 1.3 is used to make the dispersant which also has a molar ratio of component C) to component B) of at least 0.4 and when component B) has an average of 4-6 nitrogen atoms per molecule, a molar ratio of A) to B) is from 1.0 to 1.6.
Inventors: John Lopper (Henrico, Virginia)
Assignee: Afton Chemical Corp. (Richmond)
May 18, 2021

Bead feed unit and method
Patent No. 11,006,662
A bead delivery disk, system and method of delivering flavor beads to a tobacco rod or tow including a bead source, a bead delivery disk in communication with the bead source, including a central disk portion having front and back sides and a first central thickness, an inner annular rim around the central disk portion, the inner annular rim having a second thickness less than said first thickness, a series of pockets spaced around the inner annular rim and multiple vacuum transmission apertures located on one side of the disk, each aperture communicating with at least one of the pockets.
Inventors: Dwight David Williams (Powhatan, Virginia), Charles David Howe (Crewe, Virginia)
Assignee: Altria Client Services (Richmond)
May 18, 2021

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