New Business Licenses: 10.15.21

For a sortable list of this week’s licenses click here

Business Name Location Zip Business Type
International Hair Affair Health and Beauty 12113 Ridgefield Parkway 23233 Retail
Outdoor Traditions Hunting & Fishing 402 W Williamsburg Road 23150 Retail
Richmond EMG & Physiatry Associates 5700 Old Richmond Ave, Ste D20 23226 Consulting
Wiggins’ Loving Heart LLC 9183 Cloisters East 23229 Other
VRS Expeditions 2610 Tuckernuck Drive 23294 Restaurant
Viet Garden Cuisine 7103 Brook Road 23227 Restaurant
Jason Brown 342 E Williamsburg Road 23150 Barber
James River Cardiology 2221 Pump Road 23233 Healthcare
On The Rocks RVA 5656 Oak Run Lane 23228 Other
Glow Touch Studio 2704 Enterprise Parkway 23294 Other
Steve Hartless 9281 Osborne Turnpike 23231 Construction
Lesley’s Mobile Notary Service 2912 Trio St 23223 Business Services
B.E. Dunn Logisitics 6301 Dan St 23231 Transportation
Farah Rahiem MD MPH 1899 Billingsgate Circle E, Ste E 23238 Healthcare
Birch Tree Consulting 12204 Heatherford Place 23059 Consulting
Eggman Handyman 105 N Laburnum Ave, Apt 1 23223 Construction
Sarah Richardson Travel 523 Sleepy Hollow Road 23229 Other
Melvin Fauntleroy 5676 Oak Run Lane 23228 Transportation
Hope’s Creations 1682 Midview Road 23231 Other
Sleep With Pleasure Pillows 133 Hawk Nest Court 23227 Retail
Easy Clean RVA 2209 Fenton St 23231 Janitorial
Simply Charmed Weddings and Events 6227 Ellis Ave 23228 Other
RVA Discounts 9320 W Broad St, Ste B1 23294 Retail
Drop City Entertainment 5815 Bonneau Road 23227 Other
Concierge Cleaning Services 931 Hunters Run Drive 23223 Janitorial
Jbwalker Natural Home 375 Winston St 23222 Other
Early Bird Detailing 4020 Tangle Drive 23228 Other
Robert J. Feschetti 1552 Westshire Court 23238 Construction
VA Foods Group 9010 Staples Mill Road 23228 Restaurant
Elroi Power Wash Plus 2646 Hungary Spring Road 23294 Other
City Limits Convenience 1911 Mechanicsville Turnpike 23223 Retail
Chimera Tropicals 9635 Rainbrook Drive 23238 Retail
Sunrise Dispatch 1405 Connecticut Ave 23060 Other
Ember Hair Studio 1567 N Parham Road, Ste 24 23229 Beauty services
Airington Law 4050 Innslake Drive, Ste 190 23060 Professional Services
Quick Shop 617 10201 Staples Mill Road 23060 Retail
Hemlock and Key 10228 Acworth Drive 23060 Retail
Podcats 9701 Gayton Road, Ste 10 23238 Other
Mechanical Design Systems Various Construction
Jose Saul Garcia 1315 Grumman Drive 23229 Lawncare
Gold Transportation 2710 Rudolph Road 23294 Transportation
Green Is Better Landscaping 5703 Eunice Court, Apt C 23228 Lawncare
Safe Haven Cleaning 10703 Berman Court 23238 Janitorial
Crystal’s Closet 8602 Patterson Ave 23229 Retail
New Looks Cleaning 605 Grayson Ave 23222 Janitorial
Lee Windows and Doors Various Construction
2A Transportation 1409 New Haven Court 23059 Transportation
Parker & Parker 5504 Seminary Ave 23227 Transportation
Kenn Rich Installations 1802 Verona Road 23229 Construction
Cuts & Styles Hair Studio 5942 Brook Road 23227 Beauty services
2012 Southside Landscaping 8524 Chester Road 23237 Lawncare
Art of Recovery and Life Skills 577 Southlake Blvd, Ste B 23236 Other
William T. Atkinson Jr. 5009 Caldwell Ave 23234 Other
Automotive Rental Unknown Other
Back 2 Black Asphalt Sealcoating 522 Old Bermuda Hundred Road 23836 Construction
Dream Team Mechanics 9515 Dawnshire Road 23237 Other
Byrds & Butts BBQ 12206 Balta Road 23838 Restaurant
Dodson & Co. Construction Various Construction
Forever Home Dog Training 10211 Reedy Branch Road 23838 Other
Affordable Crawlspace Care 7518 Belmont Stakes Drive 23112 Other
Prophetic Wind 2020 Est. 3416 Watson St, Apt A 23803 Other
M40 Auto And Alignment 6800 Hull Street Road 23224 Other
Mastuhree Brand 2919 Providence Creek Road 23236 Other
Michael’s Mobile Detailing 8119 Fedora Drive 23838 Other
Purity House & Commercial Cleaning Svs 6301 Pewter Ave, Apt D 23224 Janitorial
Advanced Aquatics RVA 11906 Hazelnut Branch Terr 23112 Other
Shirley Joann Smart 831 Grove Road, Ste C 23113 Other
Summit Construction & Environmental Services Various Construction
Topcoat Sealcoating 16001 Meridian Ave 23831 Construction
Anthony Yonta 12530 St Thomas Court 23114 Other
Bonventure Construction 104 Hume Ave Construction
Rose Paving 7300 W 100 Place Construction
Casa De Empenos Morales 5701 Hull Street Road Other
NVM Paving and Concrete 10395 Democracy Lane Construction
Northern VA & Contractors 10395 Democracy Lane Construction
C.H. White LLC 1806 Summit Ave, #1068 Other
Frank L. Blum Construction Co. 830 E 25th St Construction
Jeanne-Marie Boucher 3122 W Cary St Other
Keystone Pro Building LLC 4745 Cronin Drive Construction
Controlled Project Solutions 9811 Fernleigh Drive Other
The Lavender Leash LLC 3012 Griffin Ave Other
Thaistudio Restaurant 516 N 2nd St Restaurant
Capital Burgers & Dogs LLC 814 N Robinson St Retail
Tiny Adventures 3017 Griffin Ave Other
Netball LLC 707 N Harrison St Other
Extreme Exteriors 4810 Candlelight Place Construction
Bringing Joy Realty 2306 E Tremont Court Real Estate
Tamara Denise Enterprises 1806 Summit Ave Other
Renovate RVA LLC 14175 Boondock Lane Construction
Realization Planning Group 1013 Oakwood Ave Other
24Hrs Roadside Assistance 406 N 24th St Other
El Sureno Auto and Repair LLC 5724 Hull Street Road Other
Huvoev Humanities Vessel of Evol LLC 900 E Broad St Itinerant merchant
Oshas Reliable Transportation Service 1330 Darbytown Road Transportation
Barvina Bottom Burger 1847 W Broad St Restaurant
Peter Chang 2816 W Broad St Restaurant
El Aventurero 3111 Broad Rock Blvd Other
CBM Transportation 3510 E Richmond Road Transportation
Super Taco Del Sabor Inc 3020 Broad Rock Blvd Restaurant
Aja Landscaping 1703 N 19th St Lawncare
Beige Dreams LLC 1901 Porter St Other
Goode Heating and Cooling Corp. 2704 Cushing Drive Construction
3 Tz Boutique 6543 Balsam Road Retail
Ethic Auto Detailing 7024 Shawnee Road Other
Arts To All LLC 3118 Moss Side Ave Other
Hello Cheesecake LLC 1249 Boulder Creek Road Retail
Butch’s BBQ 5057 Forest Hill Ave Restaurant
Pieces of Ecstasy 5000 Bonington Court Other
Rear LLC 2629 Q St Other
I.D.G. Solutions 1600 Presson Blvd Other
Lax De Saloon 104 W Brookland Park Blvd Other
Reyco Electrical Services 7 Jay Gould Court Construction
Healthy Choice Food Services 900 E Broad St Itinerant merchant
N-Fused LLC 316 Brook Road Other


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