Long-planned FC Richmond soccer complex aims to break ground this year

FC Richmond is a Chesterfield-based youth soccer organization that offers recreational and competitive programming. (Photo courtesy of FC Richmond)

More than six years in the making, a new Chesterfield soccer complex is another step closer to kickoff.

Youth soccer club FC Richmond is aiming to break ground later this year on a multi-field complex near Moseley in the western part of Chesterfield.

While the majority of the acreage received the necessary zoning approval for the planned soccer complex in 2016, FC Richmond is back before county officials seeking approval for proposed changes to the project’s master plan and development standards, as well a slight increase to the size of the project site.

The complex, which would be built on an 84-acre site, is currently planned to include five full-sized soccer fields, several smaller fields, a training area, offices and an eatery, among other features. The project would be split into two phases, with the first part to include four of the full-sized fields, the entrance and parking, said Will Shewmake, a member of FC Richmond’s board of directors.

An overall project construction cost hasn’t been determined, Shewmake said.

FC Richmond’s proposed soccer complex near Moseley. The property is on Genito Road and a proposed extension of the Powhite Parkway cuts through the youth soccer organization’s property. (Image courtesy of Chesterfield County)

The Chesterfield Planning Commission voted on Tuesday to recommend approval of the proposal. The project now heads to the Board of Supervisors for approval, and Shewmake said he expected that step to be completed in March. Construction would then follow. Shewmake said site work has already been completed.

About 80 acres of the project site are at 17101 Genito Road, which FC Richmond acquired for $550,000 in September 2016, per online county records.

In 2021, the club bought four more acres about evenly split between 17301 and 17201 Genito Road for a total of $420,000. Shewmake said those parcels fronting Genito Road are key to FC Richmond’s vision for the complex and the club wants to get zoning approval to add them to the project site.

“We thought those two parcels on the (Genito Road frontage) were integral to what we wanted to accomplish with the entrance to the space and the additional parking and smaller fields,” said Shewmake, who is also a land-use lawyer with Woods Rogers and represents FC Richmond in its zoning request.

The project site is largely undeveloped save for a couple homes along Genito Road.

The Chesterfield-based FC Richmond, which offers recreational and competitive youth soccer programs, currently operates on fields at county parks and facilities. Shewmake said the complex would serve as a dedicated headquarters for FC Richmond and add additional fields to the organization’s roster.

“This will allow us to have a home base and expand to meet the needs of this part of the county,” he said. “We’re not abandoning our current footprint.”

FC Richmond has 1,200 recreational players each fall and spring and about 550 players in the year-long travel soccer program, according to Shewmake.

The proposed Powhite Parkway extension cuts through the site, and FC Richmond has currently only mapped out development on the western side of the proposed roadway.

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Bruce Milam
Bruce Milam
26 days ago

Interesting choice of sites. Earth moving to create a flat site will cost millions.

Bruce Milam
Bruce Milam
25 days ago
Reply to  Bruce Milam

Correction: the site engineer has assured me that the site largely balances and will be panned easily for the fields. Let’s get the Powhite extended at least far and let’s build that last mile of Woolridge Road.

Eric Viking
Eric Viking
26 days ago

Let’s get that Powhite Parkway extension built yesterday! Need it to draw a major chip manufacturer to the Upper Magnolia Mega Site!

Last edited 26 days ago by Eric Viking
Brett Themore
Brett Themore
25 days ago

This is in the middle of nowhere. I’m not driving my kid out there, it was bad enough before. I’ve got enough stuff to do after work, adding a 40 min drive is the last thing I need.

CM Reynolds
CM Reynolds
24 days ago

Chesterfield’s Manifest Destiny continues. It is the BoS’s burden to occupy and fill every square inch of this county with development