Drew Jackson

Venture capital investments returns in decline

Venture capital firms may find it difficult to recruit investors in an already apprehensive market, as firms recently reported a steep decline in returns for the third quarter of 2009. The most dramatic decline has occurred in 10-year returns, which reported yields of 8.4 percent, down from 14.3 percent in 2009’s second quarter, according to… Read more »

Foreclosures for 2.2.10

This week the foreclosed properties have been arranged by county.

Party-goers get onboard free bus

Jim Porter is the designated driver of 2,000 Richmonders each weekend. His retired school buses shuttle party-goers from downtown to Carytown and back. And with the backing of some local restaurants, he wants to add a few more buses.

Is videoconferencing replacing air travel?

In an effort to save on travel expenses in a down economy, a Richmond-based financial company is trading in their boarding passes for the board room. Genworth Financial, a Fortune 500 company, has used recent advances in videoconferencing to replace the costs of domestic and overseas air travel. Perry Lombard, a company manager for Genworth,… Read more »

Um, did I just see you on a billboard?

Debra Ruh has been on the cover of Virginia Business magazine, and she’s been written up in Fortune. But now Ruh’s face is on the side of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, and she appears on the Dell homepage.

Foreclosures for 1.26.10

Listings are organized by zip codes in numerical order. The most expensive property this week: 14201 Riverdowns South Dr. in Midlothian.

Countertop couture

Granite will never replace leather in the handbag market, but Goochland-based stone retailer Charles Luck has just published “Perspectives,” an “architectural and design forecast” influenced as much by the runways of New York as the Earth’s quarries.

Flush with money to lend

A non-profit loan-facilitator is using stimulus money to provide loans for Richmond and Petersburg businesses.

Foreclosures for 1.19.10

BizSense has added another weekly data section. Starting today, we will run a list of new properties that are in the process of foreclosure. Over time we hope to add more information to the list, such as the size of the loan and a possible sale price.
Please email us what sort of information would be even more helpful, as we hope to improve this regular feature in coming weeks and months.

SBA lending rebounds

The SBA loan – a key source of funding for new businesses – is regaining popularity. That’s a good sign for entrepreneurs.