Lee Graves

The Brew: Stop, collaborate and lauter

Hunter Smith

The passion for creating fine, flavorful beer is infectious. So is the creative process that embraces pooling resources, whether expertise, equipment or ingredients.

The Brew: Growling with delight

Brown glass jugs that are both eco-friendly and economical are becoming a must-have accessory for beer enthusiasts.

The Brew: ‘Tis the season for holiday beer

Holiday beers

Seasonals — Maibocks in the spring, Oktoberfests in the fall, barleywines in the winter — make up about 20 percent of the styles cranked out by craft brewers.

The Brew: The Beer Guy comes to BizSense

The Brew

BizSense Nation, raise a glass to The Brew, BizSense’s newest feature. Lee Graves, aka the Beer Guy, will serve up news and analysis of the Richmond area’s exploding beer scene on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.