Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is the editor of Richmond BizSense, and covers banking, lawsuits, finance, M&A and golf. He can be reached at [email protected] or 804-855-1037.

The R&D Dept. New patents for 10.27.10

A new cooking device for the kitchen and a new dog harness from Premier Pet Products. Plus lots of technical patents related to cigarettes and fire-retardant clothing.

A lack of forward progress

A $6 million investment that a Richmond private equity fund made in a Florida bank has gone up in smoke.

Embezzlement scheme is a kick in the pants

Sometime the very people hired to prevent malfeasance are the ones up to no good. That seems to be what happened to a local association of physicians, which was the victim of a two-year embezzlement scheme, according to a recent lawsuit.

Big and green

Find out which local companies made a list for being among the biggest and greenest.

State bar tells lawyer it means business

A former attorney at Marks & Harrison has been disbarred after it was discovered she was funneling money from the firm to herself.