Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is the editor of Richmond BizSense, and covers banking, lawsuits, finance, M&A and golf. He can be reached at [email protected] or 804-855-1037.

More turnover at the top of Sonabank as founders depart

Georgia Derrico and Roderick Porter, who founded the bank in 2005, have retired from their respective roles as chairman and vice chairman. That follows a CEO change less than two months ago.

BizSense events going virtual

We’re proud to introduce BizSense Assembly, a series of online panel discussions that every Wednesday will put readers face-to-face with a slate of local leaders talking about how the coronavirus is affecting specific industries in Richmond.

Pep Talk RVA: Managing and morale boosting in the time of coronavirus

From virtual karaoke to virtual coffee talks, we’re talking to the leaders of local companies, asking them what they’re telling their employees, what they’re hearing from their workers and things they’re doing to boost morale, allay their fears and maintain some semblance of normal productivity.

Implosion date set for Dominion Energy tower downtown

With the economy in large craters at the hands of a microscopic force, a different, more visible sort of implosion is set to take place May 30 on a particular block of downtown Richmond.