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Breaking Ground: Local building permits for 7.10.13

Big money permits for a new shopping center, a historic theater, several apartments projects, and renovations to a local retirement home. This week’s permits are a must-see If you’re looking for leads on who’s scoring the biggest construction jobs around town.

Breaking Ground: Building Permits for 6.26.13

A $15 million job on a local high school. More than $6 million worth of permits on a new big box store. And another busy week of permits for local homebuilders. Get leads on who’s landing all the big projects with your BizSense Pro subscription.

New Business Licenses: 6.21.13

New construction companies and contractors. Several new retailers and restaurants. Another new ice cream shop. Get the list of new local businesses each week with your BizSense Pro subscription.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 6.20.13

Another packed Docket with suits against Maymont, an interior design firm, and the owner of a local chain of pancake houses. And two employees of a local strip allegedly got in an altercation. Plus tons of collections efforts.

New Business Licenses: 6.14.13

Tons of new retailers and restaurants including a hot dog shop and an ice cream store. Plus a new law firm. And the name of the week is a retailer called Got Ur Back Pac.