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New Business Licenses: 3.22.13

Several new law practices, a new investment firm, restaurants, retailers. And the name of the week: Two Fish Soap. Leads on all the new business, only with BizSense Pro.

Breaking Ground: Building permits for 3.20.13

A big commercial job on city property, a multi-family buildout in Shockoe Bottom, remodeling on a VCU building, dozens of homes and more. BizSense Pro gives you full access to all the work around town.

New Business Licenses: 3.15.13

Dozens of new business this week including two law practices, a new BBQ joint, several contractors, real estate firms and more. All the leads are part of BizSense Pro.

New Business Licenses: 3.8.13

New landscaping firms popping up as spring nears. Several new restaurants and a taco truck. The new business name of the week: Lord Save My City, LLC.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 3.7.13

A for-profit college is sued. A direct mail company sued for fraud and breach of an election season contract. Plus suits involving, contractors, local hospitals and a major lender. Your BizSense Pro subscription gives you full access to all the cases each week.

Breaking Ground: Building permits for 3.6.13

Tons of new single family homes from the area’s top builders. A big job at RIR. A Capital One property in Innsbrook getting some work. Get your leads on all the area’s big projects with your BizSense Pro subscription.