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The R&D Dept. New patents for 10.27.10

A new cooking device for the kitchen and a new dog harness from Premier Pet Products. Plus lots of technical patents related to cigarettes and fire-retardant clothing.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 10.26.10

We’ve beefed up the docket. Now it includes federal cases as well as our best catch yet of circuit court cases. This week a commercial landlord in Ashland is trying to collect unpaid rent, a member at a country club is trying to get information he alleges is being withheld, plus a suit against a drug store for filling the wrong prescription.

State bar tells lawyer it means business

A former attorney at Marks & Harrison has been disbarred after it was discovered she was funneling money from the firm to herself.

Inside Wilton’s bankruptcy hearing

Developer Hank Wilton is called on to answer for his financial choices, including why he accumulated so many lots and why he sold an Aston Martin for $46,000.

R&D Dept.: Patents for 10.13.10

Only two patents this week, both complicated. One seems to be related to Philip Morris’ electric cigarette.