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Consider this a warning

In the midst of planning a stock offering to raise sorely needed capital, a local bank received notice from Nasdaq that the value of its shares has been too low for too long.

French’s bills pile up

A dispute between a Richmond developer and one of his investors has left several local contractors in the lurch, and at least one has already sued.

Foreclosures 7.6.10

For the first time since we started keeping tabs in January, several properties are on the list from the Museum District and Near-West-End (close to Willow Lawn) plus two on Seminary Ave.

‘Strategic’ default?

One of the most active developers in the City of Richmond is letting some of his property go into foreclosure so that he can expel an investor and renegotiate his loans with his bank. That investor happens to be one of the biggest companies in Richmond.

Foreclosures 6.29.10

A mansion on Chimborazo Park in Richmond plus a $700,000 home in Chesterfield and several with assessed values above $500,000 in Henrico.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 5.25.10

Lots of businesses trying to collect alleged unpaid bills and unpaid loans this week, plus an eminent domain fight in the City of Richmond and a woman says she slipped and fell on produce at a grocery store. Maybe it was a banana? And a retail clerk wants $4 million from her former employer whom she claims told other workers and customers that she stole and embezzled.

Local firm lands BP claims work

At least a small chunk of the billions of dollars BP has set aside to pay claims for the gulf oil spill will make its way to Richmond.