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The Docket: Court Roundup for 2.1.11

Lots of real-estate-related cases this week, and more fallout from Justin French. Plus a plaintiff wants $5 million from the Byrd Theater after a board gave way while he/she was cleaning the organ, which resulted in a loss of an eye.

Business Licenses 1.27.11

Some neat names this week: Edible Blessings Bakery and Big Love Marketing Agency. Plus a new sound studio and real estate firm.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 1.25.11

A laboratory claims a former executive used company assets. A lender is trying to recover funds from an ambulance authority. Plus a billboard company is trying to collect from a Hampton Inn that didn’t pay its bill and lots of landlords trying to collect rent. And of course some slip and falls, including one at an ice skating rink.

The R&D Dept.: Local patents for 1.19.11

The latest local patents include a closet with a built-in piggy bank, a bridge system for stringed instruments, a blender and a kitchen appliance that can keep food hot and cold at the same time.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 1.19.11

Some fascinating cases this week: a former employee allegedly opened bank accounts in the name of his former employer and then took out money, and now the company is suing the bank. Plus collections efforts from a handful of banks. Please also note, specific cases are available to BizSense Pro subscribers for an additional charge. BizSense will email the case to you.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 1.11.11

Landlords, a bank and a supplier of food to restaurants are all trying to collect. Plus a suit alleging that a business that wired money was taking some of it. And of course some slip and falls, this week at a Wendy’s and Short Pump Town Center.