Should businesses listen to economists?

Mark P. Vitner, a Charlotte-based managing director and senior economist for Wachovia, spoke at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Real Estate Circle of Excellence yesterday. Both the Times-Dispatch and Virginia Business wrote stories. “Vitner looks for the economy to be back in uptick mode by 2012 and 2013,” writes Virginia Business magazine. Why do business reporters… Read more »

Is it me, or are there a ton of marketing firms in this town?

We’ve been reporting a lot lately on marketing firms that seem to be sprouting up left and right. (Click here and here.) We’ve received several more news releases about others and haven’t had time to learn about their stories. But the timing seems indirectly correlated with demand, and that could pose trouble for the new… Read more »

Willow Lawn hotel site ripe for revitalization

BizSense has been looking into the future plans for the site at 5215 W. Broad St. for a month, but so far the owner hasn’t been interested in coming forward and divulging his plans. Hourigan Construction has been doing work at the hotel building, which was operated most recently Inns of Virginia hotel. It has been… Read more »

The puck stops here for Richmond hockey

Allan Harvie Jr., general manager of the Richmond Renegades hockey team, announced Tuesday that he would apply for a one-year suspension of the team if a new investor could not be found by summer. “Between buying gas or buying health care or buying a ticket to an event — whether it is hockey or anything… Read more »

Wachovia Securities to get new name

First Wachovia Securities departs Richmond. Now the firm is doing away with its name all together. According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, Wachovia Securities will be renamed Wells Fargo Advisors in May.

RBS on Google News

Finally. After 6 months of rejection, our stories now go out on Google News. It’s a great boost for RBS. For starters, it makes us much more legit. Our stories now have the same web credibility as anything from the Times-Dispatch or the Wall Street Journal. And it means we get a ton more hits…. Read more »

Man accused of $8 billion fraud found in Fredericksburg

Sir R. Allen Stanford, who is accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of perpetrating an $8 billion financial scheme, was found in Fredericksburg yesterday by Richmond FBI agents. The Texas native, who resides on his estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands, was found visiting his girlfriend in Fredericksburg, according to news reports . He… Read more »

Digital media tax passes General Assembly

Yesterday the General Assembly approved a 10 percent tax on hotel room media purchases to fund the attraction of film production projects to the state. The House of Delegates passed the bill with a vote of 69-27. The Senate approved the bill earlier this month by a vote of 36 to 3. The bill now… Read more »

Beware snail mail ‘phishing’ scam

The U.S. Small Business Administration is warning small businesses not to respond to a wave of fake letters that request bank account information in order to qualify for federal tax rebates. The letters mimic the SBA letterhead and have been received by business owners across the country. None have been reported in Richmond yet, according… Read more »

Richmond libraries boosted by the slump

The public library is back en vogue. Circulation of books and DVDs at Richmond Public Library are up 11 percent month to month over last year, according to Harriet Coalter, the city’s library director. The number of people using library computers is also up 11 percent. Coalter said the poor economy is behind the up tick… Read more »