Job lines outside Red Lobster

Yesterday I got a strong dose of what a rapidly-rising unemployment rate looks like. For more than three hours, job hunters gathered outside a Red Lobster in Eastern Henrico. Yesterday morning I drove past the new Red Lobster on Laburnum Ave, which is at the White Oak Village development. There were at least 30 people… Read more »

Trading on tight times

With fewer paying customers, businesses are turning to trades to keep busy and reduce spending. Trade exchanges work like mini-economies, wherein members perform services and earn trade dollars. And if the trade dollars can be used for things that the company would pay for with cash – then it’s almost as good as cash. (BizSense… Read more »

Circuit City draws mobs, but where are the deals?

So this is why furniture stores are always advertising “going out of business” sales. At Circuit City stores in Richmond and across the country, consumers smell a bargain and are dropping thousands on items even though the deals are few and far between. It sort of makes you think that if Circuit City had lowered… Read more »

Two restaurants close

It’s looking like two more Richmond restaurants have closed shop. One blog is reporting that Shockoe Bottom eatery Relish has closed after two years in operation. And the popular foodie blog in vino veritas has posted that that upscale Carytown restaurant Karsens is also closing. I went by last night and it wasn’t open, but… Read more »

Ukrop’s puts brakes on gas promotion

In an unusual newspaper advertisement, Ukrop’s supermarkets told shoppers Monday that it was reducing its fuelperks! promotion, which allowed motorists to get a discount of $.10 a gallon when they flashed their Ukrop’s card at participating gas stations. Now motorists can get only get $.05 off a gallon of gas. The full-page ad first appeared… Read more »

Liquor sales up, but more drink at home

For many Virginians, it looks like hard liquor isn’t considered discretionary spending. Sales at Virginia ABC stores are up 6.5 percent compared to the same period a year ago, according to fiscal year-to-date (July-November) sales figures from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Most searched car: Still a Honda

CarMax released a list of the 10 most-searched vehicles on its website for 2008. The Honda Accord was No. 1 for the third year in a row, followed by the Honda Civic. Three vehicles made by U.S. companies made the list: the Ford Mustang at No. 4, the Chevrolet Tahoe at No. 6 and the… Read more »

Army halts use of VCU product

The U.S. Army has suspended the use of a product invented by three VCU professors, over concerns it can lead to dangerous blood clots. The Army approved WoundStat to stop severe bleeding in wounded soldiers, and in October ordered 18,000 units from the Bethesda, Maryland-based manufacturer TraumaCure. The order pushed the company’s sales over the… Read more »

Movieland starting to look like a real theater

Movieland at Boulevard Square, Richmond’s first new theater in 30 years, is nearing completion. n the past week, two large permanent signs have been erected along Boulevard and Leigh Street. The parking lot, with more than 800 spots, has recently been paved, and lighting has been installed. Workers were busy yesterday putting finishing touches on… Read more »

City police use tech to predict crime

It may sound like something out of science fiction, but the Richmond Police Department is about to step up their efforts to use computers to predict when and where crimes are likely to occur.