Gun dealers aim for big profits

Gun and ammo dealers will be counting extra profits this week; the election of Barack Obama is driving sales at gun shops from coast to coast. Frightened that Obama will infringe or restrict Second Amendment rights, buyers are stocking up on firearms, especially assault-type rifles that were banned during the Clinton Administration but became available… Read more »

Recyclers crushed by commodity prices

Brown makes his living searching through trash cans and dumpsters across the city for any piece of metal he can sell to local scrap recyclers. But like his fellow tradesmen around Richmond, a drastic decline in commodity prices has hurt Brown’s business. Jim Brown rode his bicycle over the 14th Street Bridge, his load of… Read more »

Local consumers mixed about holiday shopping

In a good sign for retailers, five of the shoppers said they plan to spend the same amount as last year. But the other four said they plan to spend less. Retailers here and across the country are wondering how consumers will spend their money during the holiday season, so BizSense headed to Carytown on… Read more »

A decent city for singles

Richmond is ranked 42nd among the 100 best metropolitan areas relocating singles, according to the yearly list compiled by relocation analysts Primacy Relocation and Worldwide ERC. The study uses population, economic and quality-of-life criteria to score each city. Some of the more specific factors include the prevalence of bars and restaurants, the cost of living… Read more »

Highwoods’s starting lineup

If Highwoods Properties’ proposal to redevelop the Boulevard and Shockoe goes forward, a handful of local firms stand to get their slice of the $785 million construction and hourly billing/fee-for-service pie.

Entrepreneurs coming out of woodwork

More people might be starting businesses now that major employers are laying off workers or curtailing raises and career advancement. The Virginia Department of Business Assistance reported that activity for the Business One-Stop website rose 30 percent in October compared with September. Business One Stop helps potential business owners learn how to launch ventures in… Read more »

Sarah Palin for Halloween — Join the crowd

So you want to be Sarah Palin for Halloween — Join the crowd. I predict that at least 50% of women in Richmond ages 18 to 30 will be Sarah Palin for Halloween. It’s an easy costume for brunettes with glasses. Plus it can be a “sexy” costume without too much extra effort.

Colombia steals Virginia’s mojo

Back off Colombia, Virginia already has dibs on using the heart to market the sate. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Colombia is promoting itself as a place for passion and using a heart in the advertising materials. “Working with Colombia’s export, tourism and investment promotion agency, Proexport, Mr. Lightle devised a campaign called Colombia… Read more »

Free D. Matthews tickets not so free now

Economists say there’s no free lunch. There might not be free concert tickets, either. Tickets to next Sunday’s Dave Matthews Band’s concert – an Obama campaign-sponsored event at VCU meant to encourage people to vote –were supposed to be free. But they’re all “sold out” now, and, if you want a pair, you’ll have to… Read more »

Filtrona buys foam manufacturer for $35 mil

Filtrona Porous Technologies, a Richmond-based manufacturer and seller of liquid handling components, completed an acquisition of Lendell Manufacturing in St. Charles, MI for $35 million. Lendell develops and manufactures specialized foam products for various industries, including medical, cosmetic, and agricultural. Filtrona Porous Technologies is a division of Filtrona, an international plastic and fiber supplier headquartered… Read more »