A little something for the effort

BizSense has obtained a copy of the Qimonda severance packages. The German-based computer chip manufacturer announced last week that it was cutting 1,200 jobs at the Sandston plant. Employees who leave less than 60 days from the announcement will receive one week pay for each year or partial year at the company. Employees who stay… Read more »

Short Pump grocers ready to fight fresh competition

Consider yourself warned, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Two of Short Pump’s original higher end grocers are ready to fight to retain their upscale shoppers. Tom Leonard, who owns a farmer’s market on Brookriver Drive, behind Best Buy, may not have prime Broad Street frontage, but it doesn’t seem to affect his business. Just across… Read more »

Iceland has it worse

As bad as things are starting to get here, Iceland has it worse. The small country’s government took over its major banks, and the currency has all but stopped trading internationally. In this fascinating post , a blogger from the Island nation says that, “It’s like we know the system is broken, we know it’s… Read more »

Charlotte baseball team might fit in Richmond

Balpark Digest is reporting that the Tripple A Charlotte Nights are the most likely team to move to Richmond so far. According to the website, “Multiple sources in ownership ranks and the N.A. confirm the Charlotte Knights (Class AAA: International League) are first in line to claim the open Richmond market, with Ken Young and… Read more »

Golf Courses empty

Golf can’t be doing very well right now. I played at Brickshire in New Kent County on Sunday morning and hardly saw another golfer – which was great for me. We teed off at 11:00 and I saw one, maybe two other groups out on the course. The clubhouse grill was closed by 4:00 when… Read more »

Eastern League Coming to Richmond?

Eastern League president Joseph McEacharn has left the door open for a new EL-affiliated Richmond baseball team. Major League Baseball places restrictions on what can be said about new teams, because certain hurdles need to be cleared before information is made public. But judging from McEacharn’s comments to the Times of Trenton in New Jersey,… Read more »

The bottom?

Is the failure of Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch the Bottom? Robert Bruner, the dean of the business school at UVA, says the odds are 50-50 in a story just posted on the NY Times website. “What we have seen in all previous crises is that the bottom is marked by the collapse or rescue… Read more »

SunTrust cuts back on cleaning service

SunTrust Bank has cut back its janitorial services from every night to every-other-night, according to an employee at the company. The cuts are at the office on the Southside but may also occur at the office on East Main Street.