Pay the Toll

Everyone has done it. You’re driving along, minding your own business, trying to figure out that personalized license plate in front of you, and suddenly you realize that you’re about to come to a toll. Without thinking, your arm extends and your hand shoots down into your combination ash tray / coin tray…empty. Scrambling, you… Read more »

How to use MySpace

Someone asked for info on how to use a Myspace page, so here you go: Myspace is free, so anyone with an email address can create a page. After a local business registers with an email and some contact info, they can reach thousands of potential customers in their area. But it takes time to… Read more »

The brief history of our Wikipedia page

BizSense had a Wikipedia page, then lost a Wikipedia page within two minutes. I’ve always been a fan of the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It’s free and always up to date. To edit on Wikipedia, you need a free account. So I signed up. I tried to keep our Wiki page objective and… Read more »

More crime against businesses

On Tuesday posted a story about the rising crime against businesses. Now the T-D is reporting that two downtown businesses were robbed at gun-point yesterday. “Two men robbed the Limited Edition store at 302 Goshen St., near Virginia Commonwealth University, at about 12:25 p.m.,” writes Michael Martz. At about 4 p.m. yesterday, a man and… Read more »

The Indie Look T-shirts celebrating little-guy capitalism

A California business sells T-shirts with the names of Mom and Pop shops from around the country. Destee Nation was featured in a New York Times Magazine article by Rob Walker. Part of the proceeds goes to the business where the shirt originated. I could imagine a C.F. Sauers T-shirt selling well. Maybe with the… Read more »

Slow economy and shifting tastes hammer CarMax

CarMax Inc.’s quarterly profit fell 55%, hit by a slowing economy and weaker consumer sentiment, and the used-car retailer said Wednesday it would suspend its guidance for the rest of the fiscal year. Fuel-hungry light trucks and sports utility vehicles brought lower than expected sales, while Gross profit per car fell 8.5% to $2,564. RBC… Read more »

Our New Office

We moved into our first office today. It’s a sublet at the edge of the Fan. I’m grateful to the building’s regular tenant for agreeing to such generous (on his part) sublease. As a startup, we’re trying to control costs as much as we can. How do you christen a new office? Is it too… Read more »

Work. v. Play

I’ve decided I live an altered version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. (or in my case Ms.) Hyde. Last Wednesday I was at work being professional and doing the 9 to 5 thing. As soon as 5:00 rolled around, I turned off my computer and changed from my work clothes to my bike clothes. In… Read more »

Startup Junkies

There’s a great program on TV called “Startup Junkies,” which follows a Seattle startup called Earth Class Mail. There are high-fives. There are firings. You can watch it for free at Most of the characters seem like they came out of central casting. I find the blazer-and-no-tie-wearing CEO fascinating — and by my count… Read more »