Seventh Inning Questions

I’ve been thinking a lot about the business of minor league ball. A few questions: How much would a local business pay for the naming rights to a new stadium? What businesses might be likely candidates? Does paying for parking illicit some emotional reaction from consumers and turn them off, and would the Diamond get… Read more »

Richest Richmonders

Virginia Business magazine released its list of the 100 Richest Virginians. The top 5 Richmonders are: 1. The Gottwald Family, net worth, $713 million 2. The Estes Family, net worth, $400 million 3. The Robins Family, net worth $400 million 4. The Sauer Family, net worth $250 million 5. Richard Sharp, (retired chairman of CarMax)… Read more »

Cheap Office Supplies

A new stall at the Super Flea Market on the Southside is trying to unload bunch of high-quality office supplies. This could be a good way for a startup or growing company to snag desks and other merchandise at a steep discount to prices at Staples of Office Max.Ronit Sarr bought a tractor trailer load… Read more »

Chariots of PR Gold

Buck Ward just batted for the PR cycle. His new Segway of Richmond shop in Shockoe Bottom garnered a full-length story in Style Weekly, one in Brick Weekly, and two stories in the Times-Dispatch. There’s also a lengthy plug on the Richmond Region Visitor Center, which promotes the area as a tourist destination. (That would… Read more »

Tell me more about your vacation

On the heels of Memorial Day, business folks are probably still talking about the gnarly waves at the Outer Banks or the perfectly grilled T-bone. Apparently, telling a good vacation yarn can be good for, a spin-off from financial news site, has a neat read about how to tell a good tale.

All Access Pass

At this time last year, when BizSense was just a bunch of ideas scrawled on yellow legal pads, we were unsure if local businesses would let us interview their CEOs, presidents or owners. It was a big worry. Without access to business professionals we wouldn’t be able to produce much content. Obviously no content means… Read more »

HR troubles

Have you heard the one about the startup that was so pathetic it couldn’t even hire an intern? Yeah, well, back off. Hiring an intern is harder than it sounds. We tried everything we could think of — spent approximately 30 hours of time – and struck out miserably. I emailed all the college newspapers… Read more »

Bush League

Josh Leventhal, a blogger for, has a nice response to the weekend’s T-D coverage of the ongoing baseball saga. He writes, “Discounting the importance of a ballpark and fan experience is what got Richmond into this mess. Triple-A baseball is not coming back to Richmond, certainly not anytime soon. If Richmond focuses its attention… Read more »

T-D needs to update ads

An ad for the Chamber’s event last week is still up on the T-D website. Are they trying to build brand awareness for next year?