Warning to would-be robbers

A Newport News store owner went all Wild-West – sleeping inside his store with a loaded pistol and lying in wait for thieves to try and rob him again. The Daily Press reports that Thompson’s long nights paid off. “I got my pistol and told him to go to the ground,” said Thompson, owner of… Read more »

Blog Focus Group

In the news business, there’s no time to stop and catch your breath. Yet, slowly but surely we’re expanding coverage. Two weeks ago we added a weekly commercial real estate roundup feature, where we list the businesses that are moving or taking new space. We’re still perfecting the format, and still waiting for some commercial… Read more »

Gulp: More competition

Apparently BizSense isn’t alone in thinking that Richmond needs more business news. This morning launched a business blog by James Bacon, of the Bacon’s Rebellion blog. Today is the first day of operation, and so far the blog seems to be examining the big companies around Richmond with a more opinionated take on press… Read more »

Hiring an intern

BizSense is looking to hire a reporting intern for the summer. Turns out, it’s harder than we though it’d be. We’ve emailed all the journalism schools around Virginia and D.C., and emailed editors at the all the college papers we could think of. No dice. Can anyone recommend a way to hire a talented and… Read more »

Corporate Mumbo Jumbo

Whenever I’m interviewing a new business, I try to translate corporate lingo into language non-business people understand. Some musician might want to start a company or have an idea, after all, and he or she likely has no idea what “implementing strategic solutions” means. Nor do I, for that matter.

New website

The VCU Business School now has a new website to go with its new digs. The new site is much easier to use and has clearer descriptions of the classes and programs geared toward Richmond small businesses. BizSense will run a detailed story on Thursday about how to capitalize on the local business school, which… Read more »

Fudge the time card

I recently paid a contractor for a job very well done. And as always happens when I pay invoices, I’m mystified by the pay-by-the-hour billing system. Does it include water breaks or web surfing? Do contractors take time off to visit the bathroom or take a quick napsky and keep the clock running?

BizSense makeover

We just launched a new version of the website, and boy are my arms tired. The new site has tons of extra features, many of which are too nerdy to discuss here. The BizWire lets any Richmond business (with a membership) to share news about itself. We’ll also be adding video and podcasts to our… Read more »

Make Your Own Web Commercial…just don’t fall of a ladder

A number of startups think there’s a market for helping businesses make videos of their products – sort of a QVC for the masses. In Tuesday’s New York Times, Bob Tedeschi describes the nascent TalkMarket: “It begins with an online tutorial of how to shoot product demonstration videos: light well, change camera angles, speak as… Read more »

Begging for donations leave a bad taste in patron’s mouth

Next week restaurants around Richmond will be asking patrons who order tap water to donate $1 to The United Nations Children’s Fund, commonly known as UNICEF. VCU BrandCenter is promoting the event, called Richmond Tap Project . In their push to be creative, the BrandCenter effort shows a lack of understanding about incentives and basic… Read more »