Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground: Building permits for 9.5.12

A Henrico homebuilder is on a building spree. A $4 million project for a tech company. And plenty of other homebuilders keeping busy around Richmond. Find out who’s building and where with BizSense Pro.

Breaking Ground: Building permits for 8.8.12

Find out where all the major homebuilders are building these days. Plus several new multi-million dollar commercial buildings in the works. BizSense Pro gives you full access to all the major construction jobs around the region.

Breaking ground: Building permits for 7.25.12

Find out who has landed work at a build-out at Rocketts Landing, a $2M permit to convert an office building to apartments, a new commercial building on W. Broad and where all the area’s biggest homebuilders are building. Full access to all building permits twice a month is available through BizSense Pro.

Breaking ground: Building permits for 6.27.12

Lots of new homes, including a $5.2 million conversion of an office building on Broad Street and a $1.4 million permit at Dove Court in the City of Richmond. Plus several commercial projects in Chesterfield.