Commercial Real Estate

Wine shop raises a final toast

A 14-year-old Carytown wine store is shutting its doors, but its owner doesn’t want to see any tears.

Mixed-use plan for Libbie and Grove cut down

A developer’s plans for a controversial mixed-use project in the Libbie and Grove shopping district are officially dead at least for the near future.

The king, with a side of guac

Austin-based Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant chain known for its eclectic decor and homages to Elvis, has signed a lease at West Broad Village.

Trepidation turns to tax credits

A Richmond developer who was wary of the Petersburg market is taking the plunge with a 66-apartment historic building conversion.

A $2.3 million vote of confidence

The head of a local real estate firm is getting more and more bullish and says, “It’s starting to feel a little like it did in the early 2000s.”

UR caught in a web of controversy over lacrosse decision

Dozens of roster spots, multimillion-dollar donations and hundreds of upset fans: The numbers behind the University of Richmond’s decision to restructure its athletics offerings become more clear at a campus forum last night.