Commercial Real Estate

Manchester parcel gets reheated

A Richmond developer has a contract on one of the largest contiguous plots of land in downtown Richmond, a deal that could transform the south side of the riverfront.

Downsizing near the Diamond

A Richmond nonprofit is selling its building in a neighborhood that’s been home to some big deals lately.

A business blockade

In a battle between apartment owners and hotel owners over thousands of temporary Petersburg tenants based at Fort Lee, one side is calling in the heavy artillery.

One relocation, two rehabs

Fountainhead Development is getting ready to renovate buildings on two city blocks near Fifth and Stockton streets.

Grubb & Ellis declares bankruptcy

Grubb & Ellis, a national commercial real estate firm with a local affiliate, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday and announced plans to sell the firm to a large investment house.

A victim of the recession: Prompt real estate taxes

Land developers make up the biggest chunk of tax delinquent businesses in the Richmond area. But the list also includes a golf course in Henrico, a music venue downtown and a planned sports complex in Chesterfield.