Commercial Real Estate

Room for some serious suds

One of Richmond’s biggest industrial laundry businesses wants to get bigger, and now it has the real estate to do it.

Another Fan bar gets the boot

The locks were changed Monday at Cafe Diem, which has served on Sheppard Street for more than a decade.

40 lots, no takers

A large piece of an eastern Henrico housing development that caters to seniors went back to the bank Wednesday after an auction attracted no bidders.

Wine shop raises a final toast

A 14-year-old Carytown wine store is shutting its doors, but its owner doesn’t want to see any tears.

Mixed-use plan for Libbie and Grove cut down

A developer’s plans for a controversial mixed-use project in the Libbie and Grove shopping district are officially dead at least for the near future.

The king, with a side of guac

Austin-based Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant chain known for its eclectic decor and homages to Elvis, has signed a lease at West Broad Village.