BizSense Pics

DMV not amused by this license plate

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles revoked a local resident’s license plate that displayed “EATTHE” on a Kids First license plate. The license plate read “Eat the kids first,” which was meant as a joke, but was considered “offensive” by the DMV. The owner first posted his side of the story on He applied… Read more »

Big box closing on West Broad

The fate of this big box retail space on West Broad  is unknown after the parent company of A.J. Wright said it is eliminating the chain nationwide. The parent company, Massachusetts-based TJX, is closing most of the stores permanently and converting others into its other brands, T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. In addition to the A.J. Wright… Read more »

New colors for Thalhimer

Thalhimer signs have a new look this year. Several of these red and white real estate signs have gone up in the West End recently, quite a different look from their previous yellow and black look.

Hospitals keep expanding

Bon Secours broke ground recently on a $30 million facility in Chesterfield, which the company says will bring 150 new jobs to the area.

From bank branch to pancake house

This disco-era bank branch will soon reopen, as an International House of Pancakes. Thalhimer announced the sale of the property at 4840 S. Laburnum Avenue near the airport by Wachovia to SS Acquisition, LLC for $625,000. According to a plan of development filed with Henrico County, its going to be an I.H.O.P.

Innovation on the football field

The New York Times had an exceptional magazine story on Oregon Football, which runs a chaotic and fun-to-watch offense that never stops moving. It’s a good read for business people who find stories of leadership inspiring. Plus Oregon is playing in the national championship.

Lower prices, lower quality?

I noticed that the discounts were steeper than anything I’ve ever seen. Everything was 50 percent off at Banana Republic. The shoe store Bass had a sale, buy one, get two free. How can stores make money at these discounts?

Pimp my Meter-maid-mobile?

The WSJ had a great story about people who buy three-wheeled meter-maid vehicles and then trick them out. We spotted one outside BizSense World Headquarters here in Richmond.

Have signs will travel

Forced out of their shop space by a fire, the FastSigns store at Horsepen and Broad did the next best thing. They moved the operation inside this rented RV parked outside the store while things get fixed up.

Brilliant marketing?

A few months ago a source asked me to meet for lunch at Jason’s Deli at Willow Lawn. Now I go at least once a month. Why? FREE soft serve ice cream. Does anyone else find this irresistible, and also a brilliant marketing strategy? It’s probably not too expensive, and it’s the only reason I… Read more »