BizSense Pics

Mannequin party

Every wonder what happens to the mannequins when a department store closes down? These await a new home at the empty Dillard’s at Virginia Center Commons, where a fixture liquidation sale is underway.

Solution pollution

Spotted at a grocery store in Virginia Beach. Why do companies always want to either add the word “solutions”  at the end of their name or apply it to services or products they sell? The overuse of the word has gone too far.

Manchester grocery store

This building on Hull Street and West 20th Street in Manchester was once a grocery store. Anyone one know which one? As this area of the city develops this seems like a prime target for reuse. What do you think it should be?

They don’t make em like they used to

Last summer BizSense took a tour of the closed Central National Bank. The stunning Art Deco building is owned by a D.C. developer. Why hasn’t this building been renovated and occupied?

Carytown’s fourth grocery store?

Maryland Financial Realty has a contract to buy this Verizon-owned office building in Carytown, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The out of town developer is seeking to turn the property into retail space, possibly with a specialty grocery store tenant. The building was built in 1955, and the developers are also seeking to build on… Read more »

Is a former strip club a cursed location?

Last month we ran a story about cursed locations. I wonder now that the strip club Velvet has closed, can another business open there? It’s sorta hard to imagine a daycare or something taking that space.

Oregon Hill eatery finally opens

Pescados, a nautical-themed seafood restaurant in Oregon Hill opened last week. An employee inside said the restaurant took about two years to get open. Pescados also has a location in Chesterfield.

As if you don’t see enough commericals

While you pump gas you can’t really go anywhere. I guess that’s why it makes sense advertisers would want to run commercials on video screens attached to gas pumps. Especially advertising yummy snacks that can be bought inside. Before too long these commercial-at-the-pump players at this Innsbrook gas station will be everywhere.