BizSense Pics

Chrysler Lebaron

Seinfeld buffs may remember this car. It seems there is a collector of Chrysler LeBarons in Chesterfield. I don’t know how to track him/her down, but it’s an amazing site, and would make George Costanza proud.


Hundreds rallied across from the Jefferson Hotel today, where Massey Energy shareholders met for their annual meeting. The protest could be heard from a few blocks away.

Big Air

Last week we had a story about a local company that built this rad kayak jump for the Riverrock festival over the weekend. Here it is in action.

Adaptive use

We are working on a story about creative uses of commercial space. In this case, Ronnie’s Ribs has set up on a prime location on East Main Street between 25th Street and 26th Street. Their lunch meal is also very reasonably priced, I might ad, at $7 for a sandwich, side and a cold drink…. Read more »

No Wifi for you

A local coffee shop is trying to fix the Achilles heel of that business model: loafers who order one cup of Joe and lounge around all day, hogging tables that paying customers might want to use. It’s a particularly acute problem for most coffee shops during lunch and dinner hours. Ellwood Thompson’s coffee shop is… Read more »

$5 a pint?

Has anybody else noticed that local pubs all jacked up the price of a good beer to $5 a pint from $4 a pint?

Local gas station

A gas station on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond sells gas and used cars. You don’t see that combo often.

Construction starts on iconic John Marshall

Construction has indeed started on one of Richmond’s neatest — and most troubled — buildings. Crews are setting up the barricade around the structure and demo crews have started taking out furniture from the inside.

Otis Elevator building for sale

The 14,000 square foot former Otis elevator building in downtown (7 N. 2nd St.) Richmond is for sale. I love this building and if I had $600,000, I’d buy it from the state, which has listed it for sale with Zach Roski at CBRE. It was built in the 1920s, according to Susan S. Pollard,… Read more »