BizSense Pics

Baby water

I just got back from a trip to Ecuador. I’ve had lots of business-related thoughts/insights while I was down there. Here’s one: seeing a baby on the label of bottled-water does not make me want to buy it. It seems to me more appropriate for baby food, or formula.

Change that scoreboard

The Flying Squirrels are nearly a finished product, as workers assemble the team’s logo above the scoreboard at The Diamond on Monday.

BizSense Presents

We’ve posted a few photos from our big event “The Future of News” last Thursday. More than 200 attended.

Photo Post: bank downtown

Does anyone remember what used to be in this building on the north east corner of Eighth and East Main Streets downtown. It’s available for lease now.

804 Business?

Some of the bodegas in Richmond sell Virginia swag. I’ve also seen “804” on hats and T-shirts.

Used car lots going bust

I’m seeing more and more used car lots going out of business. They are sprinkling the main through fares — like West Broad Street and in the case of this photo Chamberlayne Ave. in the North Side section of Richmond. The trend seems to be getting worse, judging by my unofficial research of driving around… Read more »