There’s a new lender in town

A growing California mortgage company has picked Richmond for its first East Coast operations.

A bumpy road

A local startup that transports fresh food from farms to customers is being held back by an obstacle many small businesses face in today’s market: a lack of capital.

UR sisters get some square footage

The University of Richmond is giving its sororities their own space, a first for the campus, as part of a $5 million project.

Rich vein of new apartments

Two local developers want to mine a profit from the headquarters of a former Richmond coal giant.

Union First prunes its branches

The area’s biggest bank is closing four of its Virginia branches, including one in Richmond.

Gas up the bulldozers

One of Richmond’s biggest home developers thinks 2012 is the year to start building again, and he’s planning on putting millions behind his hunch.

A big break for small businesses?

Richmond’s small businesses could be getting a little more spending money if Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) can get his way.