Foreclosures 7.6.10

For the first time since we started keeping tabs in January, several properties are on the list from the Museum District and Near-West-End (close to Willow Lawn) plus two on Seminary Ave.

Foreclosures 6.29.10

A mansion on Chimborazo Park in Richmond plus a $700,000 home in Chesterfield and several with assessed values above $500,000 in Henrico.

Foreclosures 6.22.10

Another huge list of properties this week. Most have assessed values of less than $250,000, but a handful in Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico are much more expensive.

Foreclosures 6.15.10

Loads of foreclosures this week, including an usually high number from Henrico and Chesterfield plus several homes in the higher price brackets.

Foreclosures 5.25.10

Two huge homes are on the list this week with home loans greater than $500,000.

Foreclosures 5.18.10

This week’s listing includes a home in Glen Allen with an original loan value of more than $800,000, nearly twice as much as the next highest. Plus a property on Rothesay Circle near the river.

Foreclosures 5.11.10

More homes with original loan values greater than $300,000 are appearing on the list lately, including a handful in Glen Allen this week.